August 21, 2018


"[P]articularly in light of the order for Charter to pack its bags, the concept of community-owned broadband, both in New York City and other parts of the state, is finding some purchase among officials." ::  The Nation

"How Municipal Broadband Models Generate Results" :: StateTech

Dave Burstein:  "Fiber to the Home near-explosive growth" :: Fast Net News

"No Takers for Faster DSL" :: POTs and PANs

"High-speed internet service may be poised for a price hike" :: CBS News

"Rural Broadband’s Only Hope: Thinking Outside the Box? -- As states struggle to close the connectivity gap in rural areas, some experts believe a federal mandate, similar to the one that first brought those residents electricity, might be in order." :: Government Technology

"NTCA Rural Anchor Institution Fiber Connectivity Report: 82.4% of Schools Served by Rural Telcos Have FTTP" :: Telecompetitor

"Report: rural South Dakotans get better broadband service than in other rural states" :: Argus Leader

Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority announces plans to expand residential FTTH :: 13NewsNow

"Individual service providers will be able to apply for loans, grants or a combination of the two in the upcoming $600 million USDA rural broadband pilot program" :: Telecompetitor

"Public Knowledge, Mozilla, the Benton Foundation, INCOMPAS and others challenging the FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom order say that was not just bad policy but illegal." :: Multichannel News


"Goldman: 8 million Verizon 5G fixed mmWave by 2023" -- "If these presumptions prove true, mmWave fixed will be a profitable service to any wireless carrier who does not have a decent landline broadband offering. ... Making similar assumptions for AT&T, they would reach almost half the U.S. because they have a larger incumbent territory. For now, AT&T is apparently undecided. The engineers are ready to go big but the CFO is unconvinced." :: Wireless One

Dave Burstein:  "Almost everybody thinks 5G mmWave will be very expensive, require vast numbers of small cells, and may not pay off.  That's all nonsense, according to Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. He's done more testing of mmWave than anyone else except maybe Ted Rappaport and is probably correct" :: Wireless One

"Verizon's Case for 5G, Part 2"  -- "The first blog looked at medical applications. Today I look at the potential market use for 5G for retail." :: POTs and PANs

"It's OK not to be hyped about 5G" :: Android Central

"Shared spectrum is about more than CBRS" :: RCR Wireless


"We’re now a dozen years past the infamous 'series of tubes' speech. Yet our political leaders still don’t seem to have learned much about those 'tubes' or the cyber-sewage that frequently flows through them." :: Washington Post


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