September 18, 2018


Six government entities in Multnomah County [Portland, OR area] chipping in for feasibility study "that would determine if Multnomah County should implement a fiber-optic internet system as a public utility, and if so, find the best way to establish that service." :: The Outlook

"Universal Service Contribution Factor Surpasses 20% for the First Time, Highest Rate Ever" :: Telecompetitor

NCTA tells FCC to include mobile in broadband competitive evaluation:  '"[I]n this report the Commission should acknowledge that millions of Americans have concluded that mobile service meets all their needs and that many more are likely to do so in the future,' NCTA said. Wireless speeds are not yet on par with fixed, but NCTA suggested that the FCC needed to look below the 25 Mbps downstream definition, particularly given that it has itself provided billions in broadband subsidies under the theory that 10 Mbps also provides needed broadband to the unserved." :: Multichannel News

"Parks: Almost Three Hours of Video Watched on Smartphones Weekly Per Broadband Household" :: Telecompetitor :: Parks Associates

A "bull case'" for the cable industry "hinges on better margins, falling capex intensity"  :: Light Reading

"NTCA Smart Rural Community Awards Made to 13 Rural Broadband Providers" :: Telecompetitor


"AT&T swapping Los Angeles IoT services for small cell sites" - "Carrier sees public/private partnership model as potentially accelerating small cell deployments:  :: RCRWirelessNews

"5G Wireless Rekindles Decades-Old Fight Over Cellular Health Risks"  :: VICE

Slide show of Sprint's planned 5G rollout in downtown L.A. :: Light Reading

"Without Sprint, T-Mobile will need 38,000 new cell sites to meet demand, analysts say" :: FierceWireless

"Massive MIMO" overview :: POTs and PANs

"Germany's telecom regulator has said that a nationwide 5G rollout would be 'excessively costly,' and therefore not appropriate in the short term." :: Light Reading


"Congress Invites No Consumer Privacy Advocates to its Consumer Privacy Hearing" :: Electronic Frontier Foundation


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