September 20, 2018


Blair Levin:   "The FCC Ignores Reality in 5G Proposal" -- "Tying the hands of localities and states is self‐defeating – it stops them from using creative partnering strategies (as they have successfully done in cities like San Jose, CA and Lincoln, NE) to find ways to improve broadband outcomes. Perversely, the draft order actually prevents local communities and states from working with their private partners by taking away a tool they have at their disposal (the attractiveness of their assets as mounting locations for small cells) to negotiate on behalf of the public. . . .

"The principal impact of the FCC’s action is to facilitate a large transfer of wealth from the public to private enterprises - and leave American communities and states no better positioned to bridge digital gaps between urban and rural or between rich and poor" :: :: Benton Foundation :: The Register 

"Despite data caps and throttling, industry says mobile can replace home Internet" :: Ars Technica

"NCTA: FCC is Lowballing Broadband Deployment" :: Multichannel News

"CWA to FCC: raise the broadband speed benchmark to 100/10 Mbps" :: speedmatters.org

"FCC Critics [Common Cause and Public Knowledge]: Broadband Deployment is Neither Reasonable Nor Timely" :: Multichannel News

“NDIA to FCC: “Closing digital divide” means your annual broadband report should look at affordability, digital redlining” :: NDIA

"From Traffic to Ting: ISP Begins Serving Centennial Via City Fiber" :: MuniNetworks

More on Portland-area municipal broadband initiative:  "Portland City Council is expected to hold a hearing on it Oct. 30 and vote Nov. 7 on whether to join the other jurisdictions in the feasibility study. If they give the go-ahead, Multnomah County will move forward with the study, laying the groundwork for a decision next year." :: nwLaborPress.org


Next Century Cities' summary of proposed FCC small cell order :: Next Century Cities

"The Future of 5G: The Bitter Battle for Local Control -- 
Cities across the country are staring down the barrel of technological progress. In some cases, the loss of local authority has left them with few options as to how things happen in their jurisdictions." :: Government Technology

"AT&T is already dreaming up ways to milk 5G for every possible cent" :: BGR

"Verizon CEO outlines three 5G revenue streams" :: RCRWireless

"Verizon's Residential 5G Product" -  "[T]his might finally bring a Verizon broadband product to neighborhoods in the northeast that never got FiOS."  :: POTs and PANs


"The Video Platform Profitability Conundrum" :: Light Reading


"Facts and figures on smart cities efforts in the U.S." :: Government Technology

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