September 26, 2018


FCC votes to issue cable franchising Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking :: FCC  :: Link to FNPRM  . . .

. . . "FCC: Local Franchise Authorities Can't Regulate Broadband - Votes to confirm earlier FCC decision remanded by court" :: Broadcasting & Cable

“Fairlawn [OH] touts its ‘trend-setting’ broadband utility at conference” “less than 2 years old, (Fairlawn Gig) has started to turn a small monthly profit of about $12,000 on revenue of about $130,000.” :: Akron Beacon Journal

"A possible vote to greatly expand a municipal broadband network in Hudson, Ohio, has been delayed, but city residents may still be asked" to approve tax referendum funding expansion next year :: Cleveland American

“Great Lakes Energy's Big Plan for Big Fiber - Community Broadband Bits Podcast 324” :: MuniNetworks

"Portsmouth [VA] Council debates how to pay for fiber cable network" :: 13NewsNow


Bedford County, VA "announced Tuesday afternoon that it’s going to partner with the company Blue Ridge Towers to bring broadband internet to about 95 percent of residents."; County to contribute $1.5 million into project involving use of two existing towers and construction of nine new towers :: 10News

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: "The global race to 5G wireless Internet is on, but some U.S. cities are throttling deployment with extortionist fees." :: WSJ (sub. req'd)

“The real 5G ‘race’ is to serve all Americans,: former  FCC Chairman Wheeler writes, “[w]e need to spend less time worrying about China and more time asking how we can race to make 5G work for all Americans.” :: Brookings

“House Dems Seek Delay of FCC 5G Infrastructure Vote” - “'[L]imiting the purpose for which small wireless facility fees can be collected by cities and municipalities, as proposed by the Declaratory Ruling and Order, will only stifle local policy innovation, including efforts to bridge the digital divide.'” :: Multichannel News :: Office of Rep. Jerry McNerny (D-CA)

“Rural America worries it will miss out on 5G” :: THE HILL

"Telecoms operators dial in to refugee markets -- Companies are starting to realise displaced communities represent untapped markets" :: Financial Times


“Regulating VoIP”:  “The regulation of Voice over IP (VoIP) has been disputed since the late 1990s ... in the latest action, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission cannot regulate the VoIP service offered by Charter Communications.” :: POTs and PANs


"Your Wireless Carrier May Stop You From Dumping Cable TV" :: Yahoo Finance

"NTIA Seeks Comment on New Approach to Consumer Data Privacy" :: NTIA

"Congress wants to hear from everyone but consumers in a hearing on consumer privacy" :: LA Times :: Broadcasting & Cable

"Marsha Blackburn fought to end net neutrality, but will it matter to voters?" :: The Verge

Major Verizon network outage yesterday :: PhoneArena.com

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