October 4, 2018


"Georgia Tackles Broadband Expansion And Local Control" :: NPR

"Cumberland County [ME] working to provide models for municipal broadband networks":  "Using a federal grant, the county has issued a request for proposals to develop a guide for how towns and cities could collaborate on wiring their region . . .. 'The purpose of the study is to create a set of guidelines for communities that want to build their own broadband networks in collaboration with neighboring cities and towns ...  We want to deliver a model to develop a regional utility.'" :: Portland Press Herald

"California’s new muni broadband law establishes rights, and net neutrality responsibility" :: Tellus Venture Associates

Tim Wu: "The Republican Attack on California: A challenge to the state’s net neutrality laws shows that the G.O.P. no longer believes in federalism (if it ever did)." :: New York Times

NCTA-The Internet & Television Association, American Cable Association, CTIA and USTelecom join in lawsuit against California net neutrality law :: Multichannel News

“School Broadband Report: 98% of Districts Have High Speeds, But 2.3 Million Students Don’t” :: Telecompetitor
"How Cable Has Fueled OTT" by providing abundant bandwidth :: Light Reading


"Wi-Fi Alliance gets rid of ‘802.11’ in favor of a much simpler naming system" :: TNG :: Fortune :: Telecompetitor

"Cities will sue FCC to stop $2 billion giveaway to wireless carriers" :: Ars Technica

WISPA on FCC's CBRS rules:  “[T]he combination of county-sized licenses­­ – especially where they are subject to package bidding – plus long license terms and renewability will shut out a significant number of our members from using licensed CBRS spectrum to deliver affordable, reliable broadband services to under-served rural areas" :: FierceWireless

“The Good, the Bad, and the 5G” “The mobile industry has pressured the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to enact policies to help them dominate the deployment of 5G domestically” but an “affordable 5G wireless ecosystem for all Americans will not result from empowering and allocating the best public airwaves to the four nationwide mobile carriers alone.” :: New America

"[T]here has been remarkably little discussion of how 5G services will be priced. I believe operators should be considering charging a premium price for what will hopefully be a premium service. But it will be difficult to do so at first, because of the limited scope and coverage of 5G when it is launched." :: FierceWireless

"Report: Fixed wireless 5G could reach $1B in revenues by the end of 2019" :: FierceWireless

“Network Slicing” for 5G :: POTs and PANs

TIA assails Trump’s China tariffs as a threat to 5G :: FierceWireless


“Tribune Media Lands Carriage Deals with Three MVPDs [Verizon, Atlantic Broadband, and Google Fiber]” :: Multichannel News

 “Not Too Late to Register: BBC Mag Fall Fiber Conference, Oct. 23 – 25” :: MuniNetworks :: Broadband Communities Magazine

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