October 9, 2018


"More Than 750 American Communities Have Built Their Own Internet Networks -- A new map shows that more communities than ever are building their own broadband networks to end big telecom's monopoly." :: VICE :: MuniNetworks map

"Networks Lure Business to Come, Grow, Stay" (profile of Fairlawn, Hudson, and Medina County projects in Ohio) :: Crain's Cleveland Business

"In wake of net neutrality decision, should cities build internet networks? -- Many cities seeking to offer cheap service to the community, despite telecom industry pushback" :: Curbed

"South Carolina Public-Private Partnership Makes Economic Case for Broadband" :: Government Technology

“Belmont [MA] Light looks to introduce town-owned broadband internet” :: Wicked Local

Vermont:   Dem. candidate for governor Christine Hallquist promises universal broadband: "If Hallquist is elected governor, her plan is to pass legislation that would require electric utilities to hang fiber-optic cable in their service areas ... The power companies could make money by leasing the fiber to internet service providers.  Utilities would not be allowed to compete with traditional telecom companies by selling internet service directly to customers." :: Burlington Free Press

"The FCC is tasked with solving the digital divide and it's making things worse" :: The Hill :: MuniNetworks

"Broadband 'disconnect' has big consequences for midwest farmers" :: Phys.org

"The FCC is squandering away another opportunity to provide the bandwidth needed to provide robust broadband in rural areas. The cellular carriers will buy most of the CBRS spectrum and will use it to enhance cellphone broadband in towns and cities – an admittedly great use of the spectrum. Yet two miles outside of towns the spectrum will sit unused, when it could be providing 100 Mbps broadband to the residents there." :: POTs and PANs

"New satellite technology may lead to faster internet" :: Axios

But:  "Starlink is a proposed constellation of Internet satellites SpaceX plans to launch within the next couple years and is supposed to swiftly become a source of massive revenues for the company.  There is just one problem: It looks like the Starlink story is already falling apart." :: Seeking Alpha

"More Complaints From Frontier Subscribers in Rural Minnesota" :: MuniNetworks

“Here Comes the Third Wave of Cord Cutting: Home Internet Service” “fed by falling prices for wireless service and the spread of unlimited data plans, Internet cord cutting has now reached one in five Americans, almost double the level of two years ago.” :: Fortune


Jefferies analysts:  “We continue to believe the threat of 5G to wired BB is overblown. . . .We are skeptical on the economic viability for a deep rollout given the propagation characteristics of mmWave, and expect sign ups will be slow. Further, given the full footprint rollout of DOCSIS 3.1, and the ability to upgrade the HFC plant to 10 GB symmetrical speeds with little capital investment, we expect 5G's perceived speed advantage will be short lived.” :: FierceWireless

“Meet Wisper, the Second Largest Winner at $220 Million in the CAF II Auction” :: Telecompetitor

"Erie, Pa., Charts Course for Citywide [Wi-Fi] Internet" :: Government Technology

"Dish’s Ergen could spend $10B to build 50,000 [macro-scale] towers for 5G" :: FierceWireless

"Verizon looking to rapidly extend 5G beyond fixed wireless" :: FierceWireless

“The Path to 5G Can Get Confusing as AT&T Announces 99 5G Evolution Markets” :: Telecompetitor

"Microsoft’s fixed wireless Airband program gains momentum" :: FierceWireless

"Report: Average Fixed Wireless Speed Used is 3.5 Mbps; Average Subscriber Consumes 167 GB/month" :: Telecompetitor


"FCC Revisiting Cable Franchise Fees" :: POTs and PANs


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