November 2, 2018


"In San Leandro, We Are Building on Public Broadband Investment for a Brighter Future" :: NLC

"Verizon Just Obliterated Ajit Pai's Justification For Killing Net Neutrality" [and adopting FCC 5G order, etc.]:  "[Y]ou'll recall the massive tax cuts were supposed to spur investment, the telecom sector included. As was Ajit Pai's recent policy order neutering local authority over cellular tower placement. Both, like net neutrality, were supposed to result in a dramatic spike in next-gen "5G" network deployment, and a big boost in sector investment overall. This week, Verizon made it clear that none of those things would actually be happening, despite the $2 billion in savings Pai's 5G 'reform' alone provided Verizon. . . .

"What the telecom sector desperately needs is even-handed, intelligent tech policy and regulatory solutions with an unwavering focus on one thing: driving broadband competition in whatever form that takes.  ... What you don't do is let companies with an obvious, vested interest in less competition and no guard rails completely dictate tech policy, then repeatedly lie about the amazing net benefits this mindless fealty will have." :: TechDirt

"CableLabs: 63% of U.S. Housing Units Have Gigabit-Speed Access - Access was just 4% as recently as December 2016" :: Multichannel News

"Telehealth gains momentum, but connectivity is key" :: RCRWireless

"The Future of Net Neutrality: Internet freedom went from hot-button issue to political sideshow. What happened?" :: The Nation


"Are Millimeter Wave Radios Safe?" :: POTs and PANs

"Integrating Wi-Fi with 5G no trivial matter" :: FierceWireless


"A DISH HBO blackout is raising competitive concerns, given HBO is now owned by DISH competitor AT&T." :: Telecompetitor


"Midterms will shape the internet's new privacy rules" :: Axios

"Cyber ‘Intrusion Campaigns’ Increasingly Target Utilities" :: Nextgov

"Reducing the Cyber Risk to Cities" :: NewAmerica

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