November 20, 2018


"Rural Americans Are Rebooting the Spirit of the Internet" :: "Back in the early 1930s, farmers couldn’t get wired. The big-city electric utilities claimed that delivering power to customers spread out in rural areas wasn’t profitable. So eventually the locals rolled up their sleeves and did it themselves. They formed electric co-ops and strung their own damn wires, aided by cheap federal loans. Today there are nearly 900 rural co-ops still providing their communities with electricity. A DIY success story!  

"Now history repeats itself—with broadband. Thirty-nine percent of rural Americans had no access to home broadband in 2016 (compared with 4 percent of folks in urban areas), because big telcos say it’s too expensive to build affordable fiber-optic broadband in the countryside. Residents have to make do with dialup or Wi-Fi from a library. So co-ops are solving the problem again." :: Wired

Mississippi PSC asks state legislature to change law to allow electric coops to provide rural broadband services :: Clarion Ledger

"USDA Accepting RUS Broadband Loan Applications for Fiscal Year 2019" :: Telecompetitor

"WiredWest stands ready to deliver broadband" :: Berkshire Eagle

Zayo "reportedly targeted for takeover" :: FierceWireless

"Dems demand answers from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint on internet throttling claims" :: The Hill

“Ajit Pai isn’t saying whether ISPs deliver the broadband speeds you pay for" -- "Nearly two years have passed since the Federal Communications Commission reported on whether broadband customers are getting the Internet speeds they pay for ... Pai's failure to release a report in 2017 raises the question of whether his FCC only releases reports when it likes the results." :: Ars Technica


"5G Investment Unaffected Despite FCC’s Industry Giveaway" :: Next Century Cities

Montgomery County, MD plans to sue FCC over RF emission standards for small cell antennas :: Bethesda Magazine

Update on local governments' challenge to FCC 5G decision, in 10th Circuit :: Tellus Venture Associates

"LinkNYC Kiosks Could Become a Launch Pad for City 5G" :: Light Reading

"Cities Are Rapidly Taking on Internet of Things Technology" :: Government Technology

"Ericsson lays out opportunities for fixed wireless growth" -- The 'build with precision' concept would let operators look at prevailing market conditions and existing network resources to identify underserved markets without significant competition. Leveraging some existing assets and carefully pinpointing investment would allow operators to break into an adjacent market and create new revenues" :: RCRWirelessNews

"Spectrum for Homework" -- FCC to take fresh look at 2.5GHz band (EBS) -- "Today the technology has improved to the point where the spectrum could help to solve the homework gap in much of rural America. The spectrum can be used in small rural towns to create hot spots that are tied directly to school servers. The spectrum can also be beamed for about 6 miles from tall towers to reach remote students." :: POTs and PANs

"Checking in on the top 10 owners of 600 MHz spectrum licenses" :: FierceWireless

"U.S. mobile broadband is among the most expensive in the world" :: FierceWireless


“AT&T Reaches Carriage Deal With Fox Networks Group -- to distribute Fox programming across AT&T’s video platforms -- DirecTV, DirecTV Now and AT&T U-verse.” :: Multichannel News

"We are now in the second year of real cord cutting. The statistics show the traditional cable industry losing about 1 million customers per quarter." :: POTs and PANs


Remarks of Chmn. Pai at Federalist Society convention :: FCC

“How Local Legislatures Are Fighting For Better Broadband Privacy” :: Pacific Standard

"Targeted Advertising Is Ruining the Internet and Breaking the World" :: VICE

Robert Reich:  "Break up Facebook (and while we're at it, Google, Apple and Amazon)" :: The Guardian

"In his new book, legal scholar Tim Wu traces the history of antitrust enforcement in the United States and illustrates how breaking up tech giants wouldn’t have seemed so radical in a different era" :: The Ringer

"It's Official: Once Mighty FAANG Stocks Have All Entered a Bear Market" :: Fortune

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