November 26, 2018


City of Centennial, CO "this month finished construction, started in 2016, of a 432-strand fiber network that winds through every neighborhood in this city, setting up the capability for residents and businesses to get [symmetrical 1Gbps]. ... Centennial has no interest in being an internet service provider.  The city has simply laid down the raw fiber loop from which private internet providers can lease bandwidth to service customers . . . That’s a challenge Canadian company Ting is willing to take on." :: Denver Post

"Muni Broadband Provider Dalton [GA] Utilities/OptiLink Launches $80 Gigabit Broadband" :: Telecompetitor

“After Years of Consideration, South Hadley [Ma.] Electric Department Moves Forward With FTTH Network” :: MuniNetworks

"Joe McNamara is heading to the Virginia House of Delegates with the promises of a red-blooded Republican, from reining in spending to avoiding tax increases.  But the former Roanoke County supervisor is also a supporter of municipal broadband. ... 'It’s definitely, definitely something that whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, independent it really makes no difference,' McNamara said. 'Everybody kind of has coalesced behind the need really to view broadband as another utility.'" :: Roanoke Times

"Boston Expands Relationship With Verizon" -- "The carrier will enlarge its wireless network, bring Fios Internet and TV to neighborhoods not in the original franchise agreement, densify its small cell network and collaborate on Smart Communities solutions" :: Telecompetitor ::   Boston Globe ::  Verizon Press Release

Ajit Pai proposes raising rural broadband speeds for subsidized deployments from 10/1Mbps to 25/3Mbps :: Ars Technica

"The Reality of Rural Broadband" :: POTs and PANs

"Charter Spectrum Panics As Time Runs Out to File N.Y. Exit Plan" :: StopTheCap

"LeoSat touts ultralow latency in planned LEO constellation" :: FierceWireless

"Europe Promised Superfast Internet by 2020.  But It's Not Going to Happen."  :: OZY

"Business Threatens to Quit Town Over Slow Broadband" (UK) :: Henley Standard


"The cost per bit on 5G is just one tenth its level on a 4G network, according to the most bullish estimates. Yet 5G will also gobble up energy like a greedy industrialist with a visceral hatred of Greens: Its power-related demands [due to massive MIMO] could threaten the cost-saving objectives an operator might have." :: Light Reading

Bakersfield, Calif. city staff "are rushing to write an emergency ordinance to head off what they expect to be a flood of the antennas in the public right of way." :: Government Technology

Airspan Networks acquires Mimosa :: FierceWireless


"Amazon Among Bidders for Fox RSNs" :: Multichannel News


"FCC To Deny Public Knowledge Petition, Permit Carriers Blocking Political Text Messages" :: Public Knowledge

. . . "The new rules would legally define wireless text messaging as an 'information service.' . . . Pai says making texts "information services" would give carriers more authority and muscle to carry out their existing job of mitigating spam.  But some rights groups say the FCC's light-touch solutions won't be enough to protect consumers — which are some of the same objections they had to the final net neutrality rules."  :: Newsy

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