November 27, 2018


"Elko [NV] City Council will be considering leasing a portion of the city’s dark fiber asset to increase broadband availability within the city ... 'We’ve been looking at how the city can help. We don’t want to make money off it.'" :: Elko Daily Free Press

Block Island, R.I.:  "Pieces Falling Together For Broadband" :: Block Island Times

“Broadband Statistics – 3Q 2018” :: POTs and PANs

"Overall, an estimated 60% of US households have access to gigabit Internet." :: S&P Global

“Terabyte Households Surge as Video Eats the Internet" --  Households using 1TB or more of data per month more than doubled over 2016 -2017; ”That's a key data point to keep an eye on, as 1 Terabyte is the monthly soft data cap that several ISPs, including Comcast Corp. and Cox Communications Inc., have set before they begin to charge for extra buckets of data. ":: Light Reading :: Multichannel News

“FCC says satellite connectivity is good enough for rural Iowans. It’s not. ... In more than 10 years of working with communities to improve Internet access, we have never found a household that chooses satellite when they have a wired option for broadband. But the FCC wants to claim that the 1 million Iowans who have a cable monopoly and one or two satellite options live in a thriving market. This is statistical malpractice.” :: MuniNetworks

"SpaceX's Next Launch Will Spark a Space Internet Showdown" :: Wired

"2019 Is The Year Nano-Satellites Will Deliver Internet Access To All" :: Forbes

“LeoSat Networks says that it will offer 5G cellular-rivaling low latency service that could be used either as a premium 5G alternative or as a backbone for international commercial 5G services” using “a constellation of 78 to 108 satellites that will have unique features — they’ll be 25 times closer to Earth than traditional satellites, and connect to one another with a laser-based optical mesh network that’s 1.5 times faster than today’s fiber backbones.” :: Venture Beat

“There’s a lot more behind the news that the FCC plans to increase the minimum broadband speed target in rural areas.” :: Telecompetitor


Latest on Sacramento and Verizon's "$100 million public-private partnership" :: Government Technology

Study finds mobile Internet beats Wifi speeds In 33 countries :: Gizmodo :: Open Signal

“FCC 28 GHz Auction Slows, Picks Up Again -- As of round 18, 2,447 provisionally winning bids (PWBs) have been placed on the county-sized licenses (or over 72% of the total 3,072 licenses), leaving the FCC with 648 licenses that have either not yet drawn bids or had been withdrawn in an earlier round” :: Multichannel News

"Europe Will Remain a 5G Laggard, Says Ericsson Report" :: Light Reading


"Comcast raises cable TV bills again—even if you’re under contract -- Broadcast TV fee goes from $8 to $10, sports fee rises from $6.50 to $8.25." :: Ars Technica


"Tesla's Wireless Energy Technology Being Revived in Texas" :: Waking Times

"Facial Recognition Tested at Dallas Fort Worth Airport" :: Government Technology

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