December 13, 2018


 "Comcast rejected by small town—residents vote for municipal fiber instead" (more on Charlemont, MA) :: Ars Technica :: The Register

"Residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of a ballot measure giving the final green light for a town wide broadband network on Monday" (Petersham, MA) :: Athol Daily News

Rock Falls,  IL: "Phase one of broadband project nears completion - Many businesses covered, emphasis switches to residential" :: SaukValley.com

"Will municipal broadband ever arrive in New Hampshire?" :: Granite Geek

“By providing affordable connectivity and services focused on the needs of businesses, the [Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority] network has helped drive competition in the region. ... [P]rices have dropped 25 - 30 percent.” :: MuniNetworks

“The Terabyte Household” [re: Comcast data caps] :: POTs and PANs

“AT&T Finds Yet Another Way To Nickel-And-Dime Its Broadband, TV Customers -- it will now keep broadband and TV customers' money if you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle” :: TechDirt

"FCC panel [BDAC] wants to tax Internet-using businesses and give the money to ISPs" - "At AT&T's urging, committee proposes tax on websites to pay for rural broadband." -- "If adopted by states, the recommended tax would apply to subscription-based retail services that require Internet access, such as Netflix, and to advertising-supported services that use the Internet, such as Google and Facebook. The tax would also apply to any small- or medium-sized business that charges subscription fees for online services or uses online advertising. The tax would also apply to any provider of broadband access, such as cable or wireless operators." :: Ars Technica

"Digital Divide Among School-Age Children Narrows, but Millions Still Lack Internet Connections" :: NTIA

"Home Internet Maps:  2017 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Estimates" :: National Digital Inclusion Alliance

"FCC Communications Marketplace Report Finds High Cable Prices, Uncompetitive Broadband Markets" :: Public Knowledge

. . . "New FCC Data Indicates Future Broadband Access for Most Americans Will Be a Monopoly" :: Electronic Frontier Foundation

“Compromise Farm Bill Would Raise USDA Broadband Loan and Grant Budget -- to $350 million from 2019 to 2023 -- also includes $50 million annually for Community Connect grants; $10 million annually for grants, loans and loan guarantees for middle mile infrastructure for rural areas; and $10 million annually for what was previously known as the “Rural Gigabit Network Pilot Program” but which would now be known as the “Innovative Broadband Advancement Program.”” :: Telecompetitor

"Fiber Broadband Association Releases Study on Rapid Fiber Growth in North America" :: Fiber Broadband Association

. . . “Report Finds 18.4 Million U.S. Fiber Broadband Homes, Highest-Ever Deployment in 2018" -- "Smaller providers play an important role in making fiber available to U.S. homes, RVA noted.  In 2018, more than 1,000 smaller providers were responsible for 29% of the fiber build, with four major Tier 1 providers responsible for the other 71%.” :: Telecompetitor


“Mitchell, S.D., to Set 5G Antenna Policy Ahead of Growth” :: Government Technology

“Verizon Clears Capital for 5G Investment by Laying Off 10,400 Workers” :: Broadcasting&Cable

“FCC Confronts Inaccurate Mobile LTE Availability Data as it Preps for $4.5 Billion Mobility Fund II Auction” :: Telecompetitor
“Verizon was accused of filing false 4G coverage map, triggering investigation.” :: Ars Technica

"Huawei equipment currently deployed by 25% of U.S. rural wireless carriers, RWA says" :: FierceWireless


FCC seeking comment  "on whether the government should end a prohibition on mergers among the four largest broadcast networks." :: Reuters

"Why Households Keep Cable TV" :: POTs and PANs

"Cable One to Become Sparklight in Summer 2019" :: Multichannel News


Tom Wheeler:  "Who makes the rules in the new Gilded Age?  Lessons from the industrial age inform the information age" :: Brookings

"Emerging Technology Trends In Local Government" :: StateTech

"50 years ago, 'the mother of all demos' foretold our tech future:  Doug Engelbart gave the world its first taste of hypertext, a mouse, networking and more." :: Engadget

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