January 14, 2019


Warrick County [IN] County Council approves broadband project; "The new plan ...will offer broadband coverage for most rural parts of the county. . . .No new taxes or increases will be used to fund the project." :: TriState

“How Bad is the Digital Divide? -- The FCC says that approximately 25 million Americans living in rural areas don’t have access to an ISP product that would be considered as broadband” – Microsoft reports as many as 163 million Americans :: POTs and PANs

“America desperately needs fiber internet, and the tech giants won’t save us” (interview with Susan Crawford) :: Recode

"The Partisan Divide: Looking Back at Broadband Policy in 2018" :: Benton Foundation


FCC 5G order goes into effect today (aesthetics provisions on April 15); 10th Circuit denies stay; local govt. litigation transferred to 9th Circuit :: Tellus Venture Associates

Tom Wheeler:  "Time to move beyond 5G hype":  "The United States needs to go all-in on 5G. That means doing better than we did on 4G to speed ubiquitous service to all Americans. That also means demanding a cyber-secure network. Unfortunately, in lieu of leadership for such a strategy, we are being fed slogans and told to go to races."  :: Brookings

"The FCC's Classification of Mobile Broadband Ignores Technology, History, and Common Sense" :: Benton Foundation

Feature on Minnesota’s RS Fiber Cooperative: “Will 5G end up leaving some people behind?” ::  NBC  (from Mark Erickson)

“5G Rollout, New Tech Products Could See Delays Because of the Government Shutdown” :: Fortune :: TIA

“Verizon Promises Not To Over-Hype 5G, Immediately Proceeds To Over-Hype 5G” :: TechDirt


“AT&T, Cricket customers receive texts saying that they've consented to give data to third parties” :: Phone Arena
"Google Demanded That T-Mobile, Sprint Not Sell Google Fi Customers' Location Data" :: VICE

“Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) has switched places with Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and will head up the Senate Commerce Committee's Communications Subcommittee in the new Congress.” :: Multichannel News

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