January 31, 2019


"Lowell [MA] City Council eyes creating municipal broadband network" ::  Lowell Sun

"Everyone wins with border-to-border broadband" in Minnesota :: Post Bulletin

"Ralls County Electric Cooperative Bringing Fiber to Perry, Missouri [pop. 700]" :: MuniNetworks

Let's Connect! tour in Jacksonville, North Carolina on Jan. 30th, livestream available :: MuniNetworks

"Officials from the City of Jacksonville [NC] are trying to change a state policy that prevents municipalities from being able to offer internet service." :: WCTI12

"Broadband Providers Are Quietly Taking Advantage of an Internet Without Net Neutrality Protections" :: Public Knowledge

"CenturyLink and Frontier Miss FCC Connect America Fund Broadband Deployment Milestones" ::  Benton Foundation

"Net Neutrality Oral Argument Shaping up As Epic Battle"; live stream available Feb. 1 at 9:30 :: Multichannel News :: D.C. Circuit Oral Argument Calendar


"Mayors Eye Two-Pronged Attack on FCC’s Preemptive 5G Order" :: Route Fifty

"Telecom Companies Are Seriously Overhyping 5G Networks -- The marketing gimmicks would be hilarious if they didn’t come with potentially major consequences." :: Slate

"Nokia CEO Warns of Sluggish 5G Growth in 2019" :: Light Reading

AT&T CEO:  mmWave 5G "Will Serve as a Fixed Broadband Replacement Product’ in 3 to 5 Years" :: Multichannel News 

. . .  "That’s a big departure from last year, when AT&T Chief Financial Officer John Stephens expressed considerable skepticism about the idea of an AT&T fixed wireless offering.  'In a general residential broadband solution, the economics for us don’t seem to work,; Stephens said at that time." :: Telecompetitor

"Verizon pauses 5G Home rollout until actual 5G equipment is ready" :: The Verge

"Verizon CEO Expects Standard 5G Phones First, '5G Home' CPE to Follow in 2019" :: Light Reading

"This Hospital Is Installing 5G for One Big Reason: Getting Rid of Wires" :: Light Reading


"Locast, a Free App Streaming Network TV, Would Love to Get Sued -- Structured as a nonprofit, the start-up aims to succeed where Aereo was litigated into oblivion." :: New York Times

"Verizon’s Fios TV Losses in 2018 More than Doubled Despite Platform Upgrade -- Until recently the pay TV biz’s fastest growing service, Fios TV lost 46,000 users in Q4 and 168,000 for all of 2018" :: Multichannel News

“The End of Satellite TV?” :: POTs and PANs


"These Wireless Location Data Scandals Are Going To Be A Very Big Problem For Ajit Pai  :: TechDirt

"Should Washington State Embrace European-Style Privacy Laws?" :: Seattle Times


"Cities Grow Skeptical of the Promises of Big Tech" :: Wired

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