February 6, 2019


“Portland [OR] Is In: City to Contribute to Regional Feasibility Study” :: MuniNetworks

Op-Ed from Corning:  "Rural Electric Cooperatives: The Digital Divide’s Salvation" :: Government Technology

"Rural Download Speeds Are Worse Than Reported, Microsoft Says" :: Daily Yonder

"Without Reliable Internet, Missouri Businesses Can't Bring Home The Bacon" :: KCUR

Real estate agents in UK: "sluggish [broadband] speeds could slash house prices by 20%" -- "[A]gents often display estimated speeds alongside marketing information" :: Daily Mail

“Shentel Launches Gigabit Broadband in Virginia” :: Telecompetitor

“Ajit Pai loses in court—judges overturn gutting of tribal broadband program” :: Ars Technica :: Engadget

"Network designers will tell you that they try to design networks to satisfy demands at least seven years into the future (which is the average life of many kinds of fiber electronics). If broadband usage keeps doubling every three years, then looking forward seven years to 2026, the average home is going to download 1.7 terabytes per month and will expect download speeds of 318 Mbps. I wonder how many network planners are using that target?" :: POTs and PANs

House E&C Dems to FCC:  "It's Oversight Time" :: Multichannel News 

. . . Letter to Chmn. Pai:  “Under your leadership, the FCC has failed repeatedly to act in the public interest and placed the interest of corporations over consumers” ::  House Energy & Commerce Committee

"SOTU Is Light on Broadband Infrastructure -- Makes no mention of need for broadband buildout, race to 5G or closing digital divide" :: Multichannel News

"Looking Back at the Net Neutrality Order" :: POTs and PANs


Chmn. Pai:  “I’ve consistently said that the 5G future isn’t necessarily a wireless one, it’s actually a wired one ... Part of our 5G fast plan, as I’ve called it at the FCC, that’s facilitating America’s superiority [for] 5G technology, involves modernizing our regulations to encourage much more fiber deployment.” :: Telecompetitor

"Bellevue [WA] pushes forward small cells despite FCC limitations -- The master licensing agreement leaves space to increase rent if the FCC order is overturned." :: Bellevue Reporter

"Building inclusion into 5G wireless networks" :: Brookings

“AT&T’s fake 5G icon invades the iPhone in latest iOS beta” :: BGR

"Will fixed 5G be a broadband savior for wireless operators?" :: FierceWireless


"Windstream Shifts Gears on Video, Moves to MobiTV App Approach" :: Telecompetitor

“Verizon Bundles Gigabit Broadband With Year of Netflix” :: Light Reading


"Utilities, tech firms form alliance for private industrial IoT networks" :: FierceWireless

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