February 19, 2019


"Broadband in the Bootheel: Missouri Electric Co-op Delivers" :: MuniNetworks

"As Buffalo's internet speeds rank among slowest in U.S., consumers can't do much"; municipal broadband option resurfaces :: Buffalo News

Ashtabula County, OH explores broadband options :: Star Beacon

Blair Levin: "The coming digital divide: What to do, and not do, about it" :: Brookings

Bipartisan Senate bill would create rural broadband office at the FCC :: StateScoop

"USDA Ties Telemedicine and Distance Learning Grants to Opioid Crisis in Rural America" :: Telecompetitor :: USDA

"Title II Is the Best Way to Protect the Internet. Period." :: Free Press

"Tall Tales and Title II" :: Free Press

More on Trump Admin.'s American Broadband Initiative :: Benton Foundation

. . . "White House and FCC announce big, broken solutions to America's pitiful broadband - 
Why fight an oligopoly when you can subsidize it?" :: The Register

"SpaceX Rival OneWeb Get £18m for Ultrafast Broadband LEO Satellites" :: ISPreview

"The speed and cost of internet around the world" :: BetaNews

"The Status of CAF II Deployments":   "I believe the big telcos are now facing a huge dilemma. They’ve reached 60% of customers in many places (but not all). However, it is going to cost two to three times more per home to reach the remaining 40% of homes....  I’m already wondering how the telcos are going to report the results to the FCC if they took shortcuts and didn’t make all of the CAF II upgrades. Will they say they’ve covered everybody when some homes saw no improvement? Will they claim 10/1 Mbps speeds when many households were upgraded to something slower? If they come clean, how will the FCC react? Will the FCC try to find the truth or sweep it under the rug?" :: POTs and PANs


"Cleveland Officials Push Back on AT&T's Small Cell Complaint - AT&T sent a letter accusing the city of holding up 5G deployment, but Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration said that the complaint came just one week after the company's permit applications came in." :: Advance Ohio Media

"Operators struggle to make business case for 5G" :: FierceWireless

"5G Has Become The Magic Pixie Dust Of Tech Policy Conversations" :: TechDirt

"Report: Global 5G Deployments to Number 55 by Year-End" :: Telecompetitor

"Cisco: 5G to Control Only 3% of Mobile Connections in 2022 - New wireless standard will only account for about 12% of total cellular traffic in three years" :: Multichannel News

"More than 80 cities and counties have filed lawsuits challenging the new FCC [small cell] rules, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco is expected to render a decision in the lead case in April." :: Washington Times

"The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger is Scrambling Telecom Politics" :: Wired


"Forecasting the Future of Video" :: POTs and PANs


"Partisan Rift Threatens Federal Data Privacy Efforts" :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd)


FCC releases 2019 Form 499A and instructions :: FCC

"So much for 'Senator Pai'" :: Politico

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