February 20, 2019


"Community-owned utilities provide reliable, affordable broadband service" :: Des Moines Register

"Draft FCC Broadband Report: Digital Divide Is Narrowing Substantially," broadband being deployed on a reasonable and timely basis :: FCC

. . . Commr. Rosenworcel:  "I beg to differ" :: Multichannel News

Digital divide alive and well in Nebraska :: Lincoln Journal Star

"[A] bill being considered by [Montana] state lawmakers would exempt property taxes on fiber optics installed by utilities for five years. After that, the tax value would be phased in at 20 percent a year over five years." :: NBC Montana

"The Wyoming Senate has approved a sales-tax break for companies that provide internet and other telecommunications services to rural areas. ... Under the bill, telecom companies seeking to qualify for the tax break would need to provide residential download speeds of at least 25 megabits per second." :: AP

"Vermont regulators approve sale of Burlington Telecom" :: WCAX

"Using a constellation of between 78 and 108 LEO satellites, LeoSat envisions an orbital high-speed backbone that can support massive capacity (up to 5.2 Gbit/s is in the plan), support low-latency applications and services (LeoSat's shooting for numbers as low as 20 milliseconds)" :: Light Reading

FCC provides guidance on rural rates in Rural Health Care Telecommunications Program :: FCC


"When will millimeter 5G really arrive in your phone?" :: FierceWireless

"Want 5G to flourish? Make the FCC a better auctioneer" :: Washington Examiner

"AT&T's 5G Strategy" :: POTs and PANs


Ting TV nears launch: "The Ting TV service is currently in a 'closed beta' and on track for a commercial launch in the first half of 2019, according to a company official.  Rather than working with DirecTV Now, fuboTV, Sling TV or one of several other OTT-TV providers that have come on the scene in recent years, Ting has instead decided to develop its own IPTV service. ... There will also be an option for customers to forgo local broadcast channels from Ting and instead receive those channels over-the-air with a digital antenna and, in turn, get a discount on their monthly bill." ::  Light Reading

"Satellite TV’s Orbit Is Failing Fast" :: TVN


"The Market for Privacy Lemons. Why 'The Market' Can’t Solve The Privacy Problem Without Regulation." :: Harold Feld's blog


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