February 27, 2019


"Why Can't the U.S. Government Make a Decent Broadband Map?" :: New America

"The BDAC has correctly identified the fact that broadband deployment would be easier everywhere if we could unleash the capacity of unused dark fiber. The BDAC subcommittee just didn’t take this idea to the natural conclusion by applying it to all existing fiber [instead of only municipally owned fiber]. I’m certain that if a state embraced applying this concept to all fiber that we’d see the big ISP screaming about confiscation of capital – which is exactly what it is." :: POTs and PANs

North Carolina: "Critics warn against plan to allow city-owned broadband systems" :: Carolina Journal

"Windstream Chooses Bankruptcy Filing Over Appeal of Negative Decision Involving Uniti Group Spinoff" :: Telecompetitor :: Ars Technica

. . .  "Full Speed Ahead for Windstream While in Chapter 11" :: Telecompetitor

"FCC allocates $67 million to boost rural broadband adoption" :: Engadget :: FCC

"Multi-Tenant Broadband Report: Only Price and Location Matter More Than Broadband" --  [T]echnology still falls behind price and location, but ahead of other considerations such as gyms, clubhouses, outdoor spaces, common areas and even the quality of schools/districts, according to the survey." :: Telecompetitor


Georgia Senate passes small cell wireless broadband bill - "The 5G bill ... would standardize the permit application process statewide. While standardization would benefit the telecom industry by helping streamline applications, the legislation also has won support from groups representing cities and counties."  :: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Remarks of Commr. Carr at Mobile World Congress:  "A Modern Regulatory Approach to 5G" :: FCC

Susan Crawford:  "China Will Likely Corner the 5G Market -- and the U.S. Has No Plan" -- "For carriers or network providers, the great advance of 5G is 'network slicing,' which will allow carriers to create, on the fly, multiple customized virtual private networks for particular customers or applications. This will create a high-priced, services-based, perfectly-billed-for ecosystem that’s very different from the 4G world.  In effect, each 5G carrier will be able to define its network from moment to moment, charge whatever it wants for heavily marketed levels of service differentiation, and act as a gatekeeper for applications seeking entry."  :: Wired

"Comcast CEO: 5G Isn’t Cheaper, Faster or Better Than Landline Broadband; Charter Sees 5G Opportunity" :: Telecompetitor

. . . Comcast CEO:  "They [the 5G service providers] are hoping to get to the speeds we're offering today, and by the time they do, we're hoping to be ten times faster or beyond." :: Light Reading

More on collaboration between Common Networks and Facebook  to bring 5G wireless internet to California homes :: CNET

"5G Is Going to Transform Smartphones — Eventually" :: New York Magazine

"Intelsat: 5G needs satellites" :: FierceWireless


"Moffett: Video Just Doesn’t Matter - Analyst says market values broadband customers seven times more than video" :: Multichannel News

"Skinny bundles may not salvage pay-TV declines" :: Axios

"The FCC Can—and Should—Update Its Rules to Combat Rising Cross-Ownership" :: Public Knowledge

"Comcast’s streaming service is about targeted advertising" :: FierceVideo


"Hidden in Plain Sight: California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Signals a Path Forward for Data Collection" :: National Law Review

"Should Congress override state privacy rules? Not so fast." :: Washington Post

"AT&T Throwing FundRaiser For Senate Chair Ahead Of Privacy Hearings" :: TechDirt


"6 Amazing Ideas That Are Part Of The Smart City Plan From Sidewalk Labs" :: CleanTechnica

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