March 20, 2019


"A Broadband Agenda for the (Eventual) Infrastructure Bill" (Blair Levin) :: Brookings

Baltimore City Council may ask voters "to block the sale of Baltimore’s 700-mile, century-old underground conduit system, a move supporters say could encourage a public broadband system in the future." :: Baltimore Sun :: Technical.ly

"Google Stadia's Grand Vision for Gaming Clashes With America's [Bad] Internet" - "Slow speeds, usage caps, and overage fees could mar the long-awaited arrival of game streams." :: VICE

"Wi-Fi devices from the library could help fill internet deserts in South Carolina" :: Post and Courier

"An Office of Rural Broadband: We’ve Heard This Before" :: Benton Foundation

"Five Steps to Advance Rural Broadband" -- ". . . Fifth, and finally, the current USF contributions system needs an overhaul. Parsing revenues into assessable and non-assessable buckets is like counting how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin. With modes of communications changing and business models evolving, it’s time to have a thoughtful conversation about new ways to ensure that the universal service fund remains on a solid footing." :: Benton Foundation

Tennessee: "State Grants $15M to 13 Broadband Providers for Tennessee Rural Broadband Expansion" :: Telecompetitor

"Washington Legislature Considering Broadband Investment Plan From Governor" :: MuniNetworks

Proposed Tacoma Click! partnership with Rainier Connect moves to City Council :: News Tribune

Vantage Point suggests  changes to improve Form 477 broadband data  :: Vantage Point Solutions ex parte notice (from Benton Foundation)

"Do Not Pass Go" film screening and discussion, Tuesday March 26 in DC; "Join Next Century Cities, the Coalition for Local Internet Choice, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, the National League of Cities, and the National Association of Regional Councils for a screening and discussion . . .. Do Not Pass Go follows filmmaker Cullen Hoback’s visit to Pinetops, North Carolina, to investigate the battle between municipal networks and private providers." :: Next Century Cities

Broadband Communities Summit 2019, April 8-11 in Austin TX, "Come Find Your Funding" :: Broadband Communities


"WISPA cheers FCC move to implement aspects of Mobile Now Act,"; modification of spectrum partitioning, disaggregation and  leasing rules expected to spur a secondary market for spectrum in rural U.S." :: FierceWireless

"FCC proposal to allow sales of EBS spectrum gets thumbs-down from public TV" :: Current

"5G vs. Wi-Fi" :: POTs and PANs

"Are You Ready for 6G?" -- "[R]esearchers in China say that this vision of 6G is the end of the line in terms of major platform upgrades and that there will never be a 7G. After 6G the goal over time will be to improve the performance of the various aspects of the technologies involved. Apparently, the Chinese have never met any AT&T and Verizon marketing staff." :: POTs and PANs

"They're Back: White House Proposes Spectrum Fees" :: Broadcasting & Cable


American Cable Association changes its name:  "ACA will now be known as ACA Connects, or America’s Communications Association." :: Telecompetitor

NCTA warns FCC of Nexstar's undue retrans consent leverage, with Tribune merger:  "The increased concentration of station ownership, far from benefiting multi-channel video programming distributors (“MVPDs”) as Applicants implausibly suggest, will in fact increase Applicants’ leverage in retransmission consent negotiations and lead to higher consumer prices as a result of the unreasonable retransmission consent demands that this transaction makes more likely." :: Multichannel News

"Everyone who used to run Time Warner is out the door less than a year after AT&T paid $85 billion for the media giant" :: Vox


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