March 28, 2019


"North Carolina Broadband Bills Benefit Local Communities, Co-ops" :: MuniNetworks

"Vermont House Overwhelmingly Advances Broadband Bill Funding Community Models" :: VPR

Culver City, California seeks partner to operate its recently completed fiber network (21 miles, 576 strands, entirely underground); proposals accepted until June 27, 2019 :: Link to RFP

Haverhill, Mass. explores fiber project: "Haverhill heard from a company called Entry Point Networks, which proposes laying an infrastructure system that the city would pay off over the course of 20 years, then retain full control over it." :: Eagle-Tribune

Lowell, Mass. considers proposal from SiFi Networks "to privately fund, design, build, operate and maintain a new fiber optic network in the city. ... SiFi is not an internet provider. It makes money by selling Internet service providers access its network in order to make their products available to potential customers.  Also, this proposed broadband network only offers Internet services; it can't be used as vehicle for other cable TV options.  But that doesn't preclude a Fios from utilizing SiFi's fiber optic network to deliver its services." :: Sentinel and Enterprise

"Port of Bellingham, Wash., Hopes to Close Rural Internet Gaps" :: Bellingham Herald

"Folks Gather for Fiber, Film and Fiddle in D.C." :: MuniNetworks

"Why is the FCC Talking about a USF Cap?" :: Benton Foundation

"Where's the CAF II Success?" -- "What I find puzzling is that I would expect to see an upward burst of broadband customers for the big telcos because of CAF II. But the numbers aren’t showing that. There were four telcos that accepted more than $1 billion from the program, as follows, and three of them lost broadband customers in 2018" :: POTs and PANs


Maryland small cell legislation dies in General Assembly, this time around :: Washington Post

Boulder City Council discusses small cell strategies :: Daily Camera

"What Are Small Cells?" :: POTs and PANs

"Both AT&T and Verizon confirmed that they're going to migrate traffic from their current 4G LTE networks to their nascent 5G networks by using a technology called "dynamic spectrum sharing." This technology essentially will allow 4G and 5G users to take turns using the exact same chunk of spectrum." :: Light Reading


"Charter raises sneaky 'broadcast TV' fee for second time in four months" :: Ars Technica

Pricing for OTT streaming video services to go up, become more realistic :: POTs and PANs

More on Apple's new streaming video service :: Telecompetitor

"Cord Cutting is For Real" :: POTs and PANs


"FTC Seeks to Examine the Privacy Practices of Broadband Providers" :: Federal Trade Commission


More on music industry copyright suit vs. Charter :: VICE

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