April 24, 2019


"Municipal Broadband Is Roadblocked Or Outlawed In 26 States --- A State-By-State Breakdown Of Municipal Broadband Roadblocks In 2019" :: BroadbandNow :: Boing Boing

"Why Did Arkansas Change Its Mind on Municipal Broadband?  Eight years after banning cities and towns from building high-speed internet networks, state lawmakers unanimously reversed course. Will more red states follow?" :: CityLab

"Municipal Fiber-Optic Networks Grow in Number Across U.S." :: Falmouth Enterprise

"Columbus, Mississippi, Network Quashed Courtesy of Big Cable and Telecom Lobby" :: MuniNetworks

"South Hadley [Mass] Electric Light Dept continues residential fiber rollout; "The new service offers gigabit-speed internet at $74.95 a month" :: MassLive

Finding middle-mile connections for municipal broadband networks :: Broadband Communities Magazine

Three approaches to community broadband networks: "Should the network be closed, with one ISP providing service to residents; open and lit, providing the basic infrastructure for potentially competing ISPs; or open with dark fiber leased to competing ISPs?" :: Broadband Communities Magazine

"The digital divide is worse than we thought" :: TechRadar Pro

"Why We Have Crappy Rural Broadband" :: POTs and PANs

RUS announces application window for rural e-Connectivity (ReConnect) pilot program, opened April 23 :: USDA RUS

USAC updates rural broadband CAF map :: Telecompetitor :: Connect America Fund Broadband Map

"Can 'Slapping ‘New and Improved’ on CAF' Close the Digital Divide?" :: Benton Foundation

USAC's letter response to Commr. O'Rielly regarding his E-Rate overbuilding concerns :: USAC letter

"Google will pay Louisville millions to fix roads after failed Fiber experiment" :: The Verge

NY PSC and Charter reach settlement :: Albany Times-Union :: Engadget


"T-Mobile says 5G mmWave deployments ‘will never materially scale’" beyond dense urban centers :: FierceWireless :: Ars Technica :: BGR

"Millimeter-wave 5G isn’t for widespread coverage, Verizon admits" :: Ars Technica

Verizon CEO "defends his company’s bet on high-frequency spectrum for its 5G rollout as evidence mounts that its not economically feasible" :: Multichannel News

"[C]apex figures from AT&T and Verizon certainly don't reflect a major effort to increase the number of tower sites transmitting 5G signals in millimeter-wave spectrum." :: Light Reading

"Analysts Question Verizon 5G Spectrum Strategy: Company Needs Mid-Band Spectrum, But Where Will It Come From?" :: Telecompetitor 

"Trump's FCC Is Auctioning the Wrong 5G Spectrum -- [O]ur tests show that Ajit Pai's plan to liberate massive amounts of millimeter-wave airwaves are barking up the wrong light pole." -- "Verizon and AT&T say millimeter-wave radiuses will improve with time, but what we need right now is mid-band spectrum, between 3.4 and 7GHz. Those airwaves generally have range in the thousands, rather than the hundreds of feet, but they have broad enough bandwidth to make 5G promises into reality." :: PCMag

"Verizon Is Offering a $1 Million Prize to the Entrepreneur Who Can Justify 5G" :: Barrons

"Commissioner Carr Announces Initiative on Community Colleges as Pipelines for 5G Jobs" :: FCC 


"Verizon will directly sell YouTube TV to its mobile and Fios customers -- Get YouTube TV for cheaper if you bundle Verizon’s other services" :: The Verge


"Millions of refugees need broadband, too"  :: Washington Post

"Lawmakers, tech set for clash over AI" :: The Hill

"The Best Way to Rejuvenate Rural America? Invest in Cities" (Brookings op-ed) :: New York Times

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