May 7, 2019


Plainfield, N.H. voters "approved funding to operate their new, town-owned broadband enterprise, putting Plainfield on its way to providing its own sustainable high-speed internet to the entire town by early 2020." :: Greenfield Recorder

City of Farmington, MI exploring municipal broadband options :: Farmington Voice

Wisconsin:  "Jefferson, Dodge counties link for [rural] broadband push" :: Jefferson County Union

"Broadband is no longer a luxury for rural Vermont" :: Brattleboro Reformer

Koch bros.-financed group opposes Vinton [IA] Municipal Electric FTTH project :: The Gazette

"Rural broadband in NC: A new season or more reruns?" :: Carolina Public Press

"Express Your Support for Community Networks With This Constituent Letter" :: MuniNetworks

"Bipartisan Bills Introduced to Correct Tax Law Hindering Rural Co-op Broadband" :: MuniNetworks

"Greater Manchester [U.K.] invites bidders for public sector broadband" :: Computer Weekly

Sens. Klobuchar (D-MN) and Capito (R-WV)  introduce "Bipartisan Legislation to Measure the Economic Impact of Broadband" :: U.S. Senate

"The potential $2 trillion infrastructure overhaul could mean rural broadband expansion — but there’s a big mapping problem" :: Marketwatch

More on NCTA's broadband mapping proposal:  "NCTA is proposing using shapefiles rather than census blocks as the units for measure for broadband availability. It argues shapefiles provide more granular data, something everybody is also looking for, than the census block approach the FCC is currently using. NCTA says the key advantage is that 'unserved areas within served census blocks would no longer be counted as served.'" :: Multichannel News

In Light Reading survey , "DOCSIS 3.1 emerged as cable's top tech priority right now, earning votes from just over 21% of the 1,279 survey takers. As a result, D3.1 narrowly beat out both Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)." :: Light Reading

Digital Southeast regional broadband conference, June 4 in Roanoke, VA :: Next Century Cities


Eugene, OR:  "Local battle lines being drawn over 5G" :: Register-Guard

Millimeter-wave cellular service "a gimmick," for now :: POTs and PANs

T-Mobile and Sprint "are claiming that if they are allowed to merge that they can cover 96% of America with a ‘deep, broad, and nationwide’ 5G network. ... The T-Mobile and Sprint claim is pure bosh. [They] are just pushing the 5G and the rural broadband hot-buttons because the topics resonate well with politicians who don’t understand the technology." :: POTs and PANs

"5G: Technological Milestone or a Health Concern in the Making?" :: Chicago Tribune

Microsoft petitions FCC for rulemaking on unlicensed use of TV white spaces :: Multichannel News

"Your 5G Icon is Virtually Meaningless" -- "Based on the [GSMA] recommendation, operators should display the 5G icon on phones that are in range of a tower with 5G network capabilities -- it doesn't matter if that phone isn't actually making use of the faster 5G NR transmission standard." :: Light Reading


"Megamergers Can't Help Charter Spectrum As Cord Cutting Exodus Continues" :: TechDirt


"The Sins of 'Smart' Cities" -- "Two new books challenge modern cities' over-reliance on data and technology." :: Boston Review

"The End of Cyberspace -- Internet theorists and companies once declared themselves free of nations and governance, but that’s all over now." :: The Atlantic

Public Knowledge guide:  "Decoding Antitrust Law: A Primer for Advocates" :: Public Knowledge

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