May 24, 2019


Statement by Comcast shareholder group calls for more lobbying transparency, especially at the state level:  "Comcast's lack of lobbying transparency perpetuates its negative public image and could fuel regulatory backlash or contribute to the rise of municipal broadband, potentially threatening company profitability. ... Municipal broadband has drawn bipartisan support, especially in conservative areas." :: Ars Technica

Maine:  "Municipal broadband projects ‘contagious,’ experts say" :: Portland Press Herald

"Broadband Monopolies Are Acting Like Old Phone Monopolies. Good Thing Solutions to That Problem Already Exist" :: EFF

"POTUS Fight Threatens Rural Broadband Bucks" -- "Trump won't talk infrastructure funding while Dems investigate" :: Multichannel News

"‘You’re Doing This To Allow Your Communities To Survive:’ Rural Electric Co-ops On Broadband" :: Texas Standard

"USDA ReConnect: Expensive Money" -- "For many small communities, the USDA’s latest grant program may be too complex to be worth applying for." :: Broadband Communities Magazine

"Speed Goals for FCC Grants" :: POTs and PANs

"The RBNA Act establishes a new program at the [FCC] that would collect Network User Fees from edge providers (Netflix, AmazonVideo, etc.) based on the data transported over the last mile of networks. User fees would then be invested by the rural broadband providers to help build, maintain and operate robust broadband networks in high cost rural areas." :: U.S. House of Representatives

"Microsoft, Veterans Affairs Partner on Rural Broadband" :: Telecompetitor

"SpaceX puts up 60 internet satellites" :: BBC
"The Impact of Satellite Broadband" :: POTs and PANs

Bipartisan legislation would "provide about $700 million in grants to help US telecommunications providers with the cost of removing Huawei equipment from their networks." :: NDTV :: Telecompetitor :: U.S. Senate

"Pew to Launch Broadband Access and State Policy Explorer":  "The explorer that Pew will launch this summer will hopefully be encyclopedic in scope, and will give lawmakers and laymen alike a resource to better understand the legal framework surrounding deployment. ... [P]ublishing this research will be a way for diverse communities to approach the same problem in an appropriate and individually tailored way.   'What we know is that every community is different and will require different solutions, which is why we’re doing the research that we’re doing." :: Government Technology

"Cable Gets Behind Emerging Holodeck Tech" :: Light Reading


"A Big 5G Investment Cycle? Don't Hold Your Breath"  -- Jefferies Research: "Based on our analysis, we believe that the conditions for an acceptable return on investment (ROI) on 5G infrastructure are poor. Moreover, the 5G investment ROI looks drastically lower than the ROI associated with prior wireless investment cycles -- specifically 3G and 4G." :: Light Reading

"Chairman Pai's Response to Members of Congress Regarding the Potential Impact of 5G Deployment on RF Exposure" :: FCC

"Is T-Mobile+Sprint Gonna Happen?" :: Benton Foundation


"Internet-only homes, defined as those that don’t subscribe to traditional pay-TV, use almost twice as much data as homes that have traditional pay-TV" :: Telecompetitor

FCC to begin accepting Next-Gen TV (ATSC 3.0) license applications on May 28 :: FCC


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