June 17, 2019


'Lowell [MA] Eyes New Broadband Network" - "By installing — then maintaining and updating — a new fiber optic network in the city, SiFi Networks would create infrastructure allowing new internet providers to start offering services in the city. It would, in short, create competition." :: Lowell Sun

"Loveland, Colorado, Announces Pulse Municipal Network":: MuniNetworks

Editorial:  "The vote ... to commit $50,000 to a feasibility study of bringing municipal broadband to Falmouth [MA] was a bold move. It was, without a doubt, a good move" :: Falmouth Enterprise

"Like Politics, All Broadband Policy Is Local" (Craig Settles) :: Government Technology

"Is the FCC Really Solving the Digital Divide?" -- "Unfortunately, this FCC has zero credibility on the issue....I’m sure any new mapping effort will be an improvement, but I don’t hold out any hopes that the FCC will interpret better data to mean that broadband deployment is lagging."  :: POTs and PANs

"Cable companies can save money now that DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade is mostly done" :: Ars Technica

"X-haul Opportunities For Cable Operators" :: Cablefax


"How the FCC lost a year in 'the race to 5G'" -- "It’s hard to win a '5G'race” when you’re stuck in the starting blocks. The UK auctioned [mid-band] 5G spectrum last spring. Italy held its 5G auction in October. Germany’s 5G auction ended this week. France’s 5G auction starts this fall. All the while, the Trump FCC has been considering a 'faster' solution for a year."  (Tom Wheeler) :: Brookings

"Marin County, Calif., Supervisors to Consider 5G Regulations - A new ordinance spells out design guidelines for 5G-transmitting antennas, which include limiting them to one per pole, keeping them off historic buildings and installing them at least 1,000 feet apart." :: Marin Independent Journal

"Researchers say 6G will stream human brain-caliber AI to wireless devices" :: VentureBeat

. . . "Report predicts 6G features" :: FierceWireless


"Didja, Locast Could be Saviors of Broadcast TV" -- "Broadcast television isn't going to die anytime soon, but it is sitting on a powder keg that threatens its existence. Platforms like Didja and Locast see themselves as solutions." :: FierceVideo

"FCC Decision Will Bring Denver TV Stations to Southwest Colorado" :: Colorado Public Radio


"De Blasio: Internet Making Physical Welfare Offices Obsolete" -- "An estimated 1.6 million New Yorkers get food stamps, according to the most recent city data. As of January, 87 percent chose to access benefits online and 97 percent were conducting SNAP interviews over the phone." :: New York Daily News

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