June 19, 2019


"Davis, California, to Examine Incremental Muni Fiber Deployment" :: MuniNetworks

"AT&T cuts another 1,800 jobs as it finishes fiber-Internet buildout" :: Ars Technica

"The Alternative Facts of Cable Companies" (Susan Crawford) :: Wired

"Will Congress Be Forced to Re-regulate Broadband?" -- "Deregulating broadband at a time when a handful of ISPs have the vast majority of broadband customers was one of the most bizarre regulatory decisions I’ve ever seen. All monopolies, regardless of industry need to be regulated – we’ve known this for over a hundred years. It’s just a matter of time before Congress is forced to step up and re-regulate broadband." :: POTs and PANs

"Public libraries and 21st century digital equity goals" (Sharon Strover) :: Communication Research and Practice 

"Hawley Bill Takes Big Bite Out of Big Tech's Sec. 230 Shield - Would require Big Tech to certify they are not politically biased" :: Multichannel News

"USF Contribution Factor Hits 24.4%, With Grandma Paying for the Broadband She May Not Even Use" :: Telecompetitor


RFI from State of North Carolina to address "homework gap":  "The North Carolina Department of Information Technology (NC DIT) seeks solutions which may be procured by [various agencies] and institutions directly, to provide Internet access to students through a variety of wireless technologies, including, but not limited to LTE, fixed cellular, fixed unlicensed and low orbit satellite"; response due July 25 :: Link to RFI

"FCC to Free Up 2.5GHz for 5G" :: Multichannel News :: Light Reading

"Starry to Use 5G Spectrum Winnings to Dramatically Expand Competitive Broadband Reach with Fixed Wireless" --  "The company was one of the biggest winners in the auction, gaining 104 licenses for 51 partial economic areas in 25 states, covering more than 60 million people and 25 million households." :: Telecompetitor

"Windstream 5G Spectrum Winnings Will Support Fixed Gigabit – Some Outside Its Home Turf" :: Telecompetitor

"The Invisible Battle for America's Airwaves --  How a rush of new industrial IoT devices turned up the heat on a decades-old fight for spectrum" :: Popular Mechanics

Op-Ed: "5G won't ruin your weather forecast" :: The Hill

"Nothing is Normal About the T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Review" (Gigi Sohn) :: Benton Foundation


"Cord Cutting Picks Up Pace" :: POTs and PANs

"‘Subscription Fatigue’ Not Slowing OTT Proliferation After All, Research Firm Says" :: Multichannel News

Locast adds Sioux Falls and Rapid City, S.D. to its market lineup;  “Like much of rural America, many households in South Dakota cannot receive an over-the-air signal and in some cases are more likely to have access to broadband than to broadcast."  :: Multichannel News


"Can P3s Jumpstart Smart Cities?" :: Government Technology

"Supremes Say NYC PEG Administrator Can Regulate Content -- Conclude they are not governmental entities prevented from abridging First Amendment rights of speakers" :: Multichannel News

Chairman Pai outlines FCC's near-term agenda :: FCC Blog


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