June 24, 2019


New Hampshire:  "SB 103 is awaiting the governor’s signature. The bill would authorize municipalities to engage in multi-town bonding projects, adding leverage to municipalities’ ability to bond for broadband, suggesting a collective approach is the best way to get things accomplished." :: NH Business Review

Vermont:  Gov. Phil Scott signs broadband bill - "Because communities have the best understanding of what they need, [H.513]enables the Vermont Economic Development Authority to lend money for build out by community groups." :: Bennington Banner

Connecticut:  "Legislature offers no clear path for municipal broadband advocates" :: Hartford Business Journal

"Traverse City, MI braves the wrath of telcoms lobbyists, pushes ahead with municipal fiber network" :: Boing Boing

"The [Penn State Broadband Study] concluded that there was not one rural county in the state where more than 50% of residents actually achieve the 25/3 Mbps that the FCC has defined as broadband. ... The best solution is to throw the maps away. The fact is that every place served by copper ought to be considered as underserved, and locations more than a few miles from a DSLAM ought to be considered as unserved. We need to stop pretending that we can somehow make a realistic map of broadband speed availability – the proposed new mapping might be a little better, but it can never be accurate. Every ISP technician that works in the field will tell you how ridiculous it is to try to map rural broadband speeds." :: POTs and PANs


"U.S. Considers Requiring 5G Equipment for Domestic Use Be Made Outside China" :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd)

Baton Rouge:  "City-parish, neighborhoods pushing to amend 5G small cell tower ordinance" :: Business Report

"Nokia ... is asking the FCC to change its rules for the E-Band to enable the deployment of smaller, more visually attractive antennas for 5G [for microwave backhaul]" :: FierceWireless

"Wi-Fi at 20: The internet’s most important tech is about to grow up" : Android Authority

"Sprint Poised for 'Huge Win' as FCC Frees Up 2.5GHz Spectrum" :: Light Reading

"[I]n South Korea ,the average download speeds for 5G downloads ... is 118 Mbit/s, 48% faster than comparable recent 4G smartphones, and 143% faster than other 4G phones.  While those average 5G speeds outpace what 4G devices see, Opensignal's results also show that those averages track well behind the [gigabit] maximum capabilities supported by 5G in South Korea." :: Light Reading


"Locast Launches in L.A., San Francisco - Continues to expand into top 20 markets" :: Multichannel News


"A tale of two cities: Why ransomware will just get worse" :: Ars Technica

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