July 2, 2019


"Support Growing for Muni Initiative in Falmouth [MA]" :: MuniNetworks

ILSR Policy Brief:  "Cooperatives Fiberize Rural America:  A Trusted Model For The Internet Era" ::  ILSR

. . . "ILSR Finds 140 Cooperative Gigabit Deployments, 350 Cooperative Fiber Broadband Providers" :: Telecompetitor

"NC Bill for Public-Private Broadband Ventures Still Kicking" :: Cablefax

"When it comes to broadband, Northern Arizona is on its own" :: Payson Roundup

"American Broadband Buildout Act Would Dedicate $5 Billion to Rural Broadband" :: Telecompetitor :: Multichannel News :: U.S. Senate 

"The House Passed an Appropriations Bill. With a Message for the FCC." :: Benton Foundation :: Multichannel News

. . . "Congress orders Ajit Pai: hands off San Francisco's broadband competition law" :: Boing Boing

"Senator Warren, Rep. Jayapal Investigate Reports that FCC Advisory Council [BDAC] is Dominated by Industry Insiders --
A recent investigation by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) highlighted regulatory capture at the FCC" :: U.S. Senate

"Cost Could Be SpaceX’s Biggest Barrier to Satellite Internet" :: LA Times

Criticism of broadband transparency rules under Pai:   "[W]hereas the Open Internet Order ... required ISPs to offer consumers quick access to information in a format that’s easy to digest, the method devised by Chairman Pai all but ensures that some consumers will never find it." :: Gizmodo

"ReConnect Program Receives 53 Applications Worth $635M for Rural Broadband Loan/Grant Funding" :: Telecompetitor

"Predicting Financial Success" of a broadband business plan :: POTs and PANs

"New DISH Fiber Package Targets Multi-Family Properties" :: Telecompetitor


WISPA:  "Congress Should Recognize Fixed Wireless Plays an Important Role in Bridging the Digital Divide" :: WISPA

"Audit of NYC Wireless Network Crash Outlines Causes, Fixes" :: Government Technology

"Big four US carriers face off over 5G: We compare their peak speeds" :: CNET

"Microsoft’s TV white space proposal sparks worries from theater industry" :: FierceWireless


More on Locast:  "Streaming Service Challenges Broadcasters with Free TV Feeds" :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd)

"The End of Customer Discounts?" :: POTs and PANs


"Federal Privacy Legislation Should Not Be Based on Data Ownership" :: Public Knowledge


Op-Ed:  "Kill Section 230, You Kill the Internet" :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd)

AT&T "is researching technology to link quantum computers, hoping to amplify their power much the way networking of conventional computers led to massive supercomputers and services spread across the globe. Quantum networking could lead to a similar leap for quantum computers and possibly form the foundation for a quantum internet." :: CNET

"Cities are writing privacy policies" :: Axios

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