July 10, 2019


"It’s been nine years since the City of Powell [Wyo.] bought the broadband fiber network that brings high-speed internet to homes and businesses in town. ... And so far, the investment has performed well, with the city on track to pay off the loan sooner than originally anticipated." :: Powell Tribune

"Ferry County, Washington, Seeks Broadband Consultant, Responses Due July 12th" :: MuniNetworks

"Decoding the [10 Gbps] Opportunity" for ISPs :: Broadband Communities Magazine

"Amazon plans nationwide broadband—with both home and mobile service -- Amazon seeks FCC approval to launch 3,236 low-Earth broadband satellites." :: Ars Technica

FCC working paper:  "An Empirical Analysis of Broadband Access in Residential Multi-Tenant Environments" :: FCC

"Killing Net Neutrality Rules Did Far More Harm Than You Probably Realize" :: TechDirt

"Are Broadband Investments Increasing?" -- "[T]he argument that the ISPs have been unleashed due to the end of Title II regulation is laughable and the numbers don’t show it." :: POTs and PANs

UTC Broadband Workshop, August 21-22, Kansas City :: UTC


"5G in five (not so) easy pieces" (Tom Wheeler) :: Brookings

"The Story Behind Verizon's 5G Secret Weapon" (massive fiber deployment) :: Light Reading

"The Next Generation of Cell Towers Has a Next Generation of Deregulation  - A 2018 FCC rule that weakened the power of cities to regulate 5G networks could end the ability of cities to even notify their residents about forthcoming installations." :: East Bay Express

"Why 5G Won’t Be Here Tomorrow" :: POTs and PANs

More on FCC's proposed expansion of OTARD rule :: Broadband Communities Magazine

"MVNO Ting Dumps T-Mobile for Verizon, Blames Sprint/T-Mobile Merger" :: Light Reading

"Spectrum sharing gains momentum" :: RCRWirelessNews


"Cable TV Boxes Raise Your Power Bill by Almost $100 a Year" :: Cord Cutters News

"Cable operators, who have spent the better part of the past two decades trying to stem the rapid loss of video customers have abandoned the chase, instead opting to retain higher margin broadband customers. And according to a report by influential media analyst Craig Moffett ... it is about time.  By focusing on broadband and pretty much letting video customers churn if they want to ... cable operators have seen overall profit margins soar. Companies that had struggled to reach 30% margins while carrying a full load of video services are now approaching 50% overall margins." :: Multichannel News

"The Great Race to Rule Streaming TV" :: New York Times

"More Legislators Join Call for Nexstar, AT&T Resolution" :: Multichannel News


"FCC Gets Set to Relax Telecom Unbundling Regulations" :: Telecompetitor

"Smart Cities Are Built By Smart People, Not Smart Things" :: Forbes

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