July 12, 2019


RFP for Community Broadband Feasibility Study for Falmouth, MA; responses due Aug. 12 :: Link to RFP

"Chanute, Kansas, to Deploy FTTH in Two Residential Neighborhoods" :: MuniNetworks

"FCC Takes Action To Promote Broadband Deployment And Competition In Apartment And Office Buildings" :: FCC News Release

. . . "FCC boosts broadband competition by, er, banning broadband competition in buildings" :: The Register

. . . "Public Knowledge Opposes FCC Move to Undermine Broadband Competition in Multi-tenant Buildings" :: Public Knowledge

. . . "'This is crazy': FCC kills part of San Francisco’s broadband-competition law -- But it's not clear whether the FCC preemption will actually change anything." :: Ars Technica

"The FCC's July Meeting: A Broadband Action Blockbuster" :: Benton Foundation

"IBM proposes curbing legal protections [Sec. 230] for internet companies" :: Bloomberg

. . . "Fourteen conservative and free market groups want Congress to refuse any changes to Section 230" :: The Verge

"Lack of broadband puts tribal, rural areas ‘in jeopardy'" :: Arizona PBS


"Will Broadband Go Wireless?" -- "We really need to stop referring to millimeter wave spectrum as 5G wireless and instead call it what it is – fiber-to-the curb. When thought of that way, it’s easy to realize that there are no carriers likely to make the investment to deploy that much fiber along every residential street in America. Wireless 5G fiber-to-the-curb is not coming to most neighborhoods. The bottom line is that the world is not going to go wireless, and anybody saying so is engaging in hyperbole and not reality." :: POTs and PANs

"FCC Transforms 2.5 GHz Band for 5G Services" :: FCC :: Report and Order :: FierceWireless

. . . "FCC Swings and Misses With EBS Decision" :: SHLB

. . . "Public Knowledge Opposes FCC Action to Dismantle Educational Broadband Service" :: Public Knowledge

. . . "Rural America Might See More 5G With FCC's New 2.5GHz Order" :: Light Reading

"Europe's 5G difference: Unlimited data without a big surcharge" :: CNET


"AT&T has sued Max Retrans, a consultant that works with TV stations negotiating [retrans consent agreements], claiming it used confidential data to get higher fees for its clients." :: Broadcasting & Cable

"Cord Cutters Are About To Face A Saturated Content Market" :: Dealbreaker


"Utah Expands Teleworking Program After Successful Pilot" :: Government Technology

"Trump, Twitter and the First Amendment --
An appellate ruling blurs the line between private and public forums." :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd)

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