August 2, 2019


"EPB Partners with Other Municipal Providers to Bring Gigabit Broadband Beyond Chattanooga" :: Telecompetitor

"The South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG), a group of 16 cities, has joined with Los Angeles County and will work with American Dark Fiber to develop a fiber optic network throughout the region." :: MuniNetworks

"The Davis [CA] City Council voted on Tuesday to lease city conduit to Astound Broadband LLC in exchange for fiber-optic services." :: Davis Enterprise

New Hampshire Op-Ed: "It’s time to let all towns bond for broadband: Legislature should make it easier, not harder, for communities to access internet" -- "Recent changes in state law allow local governments to bond, but only in neighborhoods without any broadband access. Building a financially viable network or public-private partnership often requires combining neighborhoods of different densities to even out costs, which isn’t feasible under current law. These restrictions effectively prevent municipalities from meeting their citizens’ basic needs." :: NH Business Review

New report:  "Disconnected:  Seven Lessons on Fixing the Digital Divide" :: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

FCC announces pleading cycle for NPRM on "improving  competitive broadband access to multi-tenant environments" --  "In the NPRM, the Commission seeks comment on a variety of issues that may affect the deployment of broadband to multiple tenant environments (MTEs), including exclusive marketing and wiring arrangements, revenue sharing agreements, and state and local regulations" :: FCC Public Notice

"FCC finally orders ISPs to say exactly where they offer broadband -- ISPs will have to submit geospatial maps of broadband service areas." :: Ars Technica

"FCC Proposes Establishing $20.4 Billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund -- Program Targets Areas With At Least 4 Million Rural Homes, Small Businesses That Lack Modern Broadband Service" -- "The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund would focus on areas currently served by 'price cap' carriers, along with areas that were not won in the CAF Phase II auction and other areas that do not currently receive any high-cost universal service support" :: FCC

. . .  "Public Knowledge Finds FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Insufficient to End Digital Divide" :: Public Knowledge

"FCC Telehealth Order Makes Progress But Creates More Uncertainty" :: SHLB

"What to Expect When You're Expecting a Net Neutrality Decision" :: Benton


"Terahertz WiFi" -- "No matter what else the higher frequencies can achieve, I’m holding out for Star Trek holodecks. The faster terahertz frequencies could support creation of the complex real-time images involved in truly immersive entertainment." :: POTs and PANs

Fact checking Holman Jenkins' recent WSJ column on wireless competition :: TeleFrieden


Locast sued by Big Four broadcasters :: Broadcasting & Cable :: Ars Technica

FCC adopts cable franchising Order :: FCC :: Reuters :: Multichannel News :: Ars Technica :: Bloomberg

. . . NATOA opposes :: NATOA

. . . "Today, the [FCC] voted to approve a Third Report and Order to enforce cable franchising laws by preempting state and local authorities. Public Knowledge finds the FCC’s move to prevent states from regulating broadband -- a service the agency refuses to regulate itself -- both baffling as policy and defective as a matter of law." :: Public Knowledge :: Free Press

"What's the Future for PEG Channels?" :: POTs and PANs

Massachusetts legislation would impose a fee on digital streaming providers equal to 5 percent of the revenue those companies earn in Massachusetts; funds would be split between the state’s general fund (20 percent), cities and towns (40 percent), and local access cable TV stations (40 percent) :: Taunton Daily Gazette

"Justice Department Requires Structural Relief to Resolve Antitrust Concerns in Nexstar’s Merger with Tribune -- Nexstar and Tribune Must Divest Broadcast Television Stations in Thirteen Markets" :: U.S. Dept. of Justice


"A blind man couldn’t order pizza from Domino’s. The company wants the Supreme Court to say websites don’t have to be accessible" :: CNBC

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