September 16, 2019


Anacortes, WA "is the first American city to use a technique for installing fiber optic cable using existing water lines." :: GeekWire

"Southern Vermont town officials consider broadband district" :: AP

"Cities, not rural areas, are the real Internet deserts -- The solution to the digital divide is not more broadband, but persuading non-users to join the Internet society" (Blair Levin & Larry Downes) :: Washington Post

Digital divide in Alabama :: WAAY31 TV

"Comparing FCC Broadband Programs" -- "The original CAF II subsidy awards are probably the dumbest decision I’ve ever seen an FCC make.... If the original CAF II awards had been open to all applicants instead of being handed to the big telcos, then many of the homes that have been upgraded to 10/1 Mbps would have instead gotten fiber. ... The FCC will soon be handing out $20.4 billion for the new RDOF program to build better rural broadband. It should be press headlines that this money is going to many of the same areas that got the original $11 billion CAF II subsidies – the FCC is paying twice to upgrade the same areas." :: POTs and PANs

"SpaceX says it will deploy satellite broadband across US faster than expected" :: Ars Technica

"A Tax on Silicon Valley Is A Dumb Way to Solve Digital Divide, But Might Be A Smart Way To Protect Privacy." (Harold Feld) :: Tales of the Sausage Factory

Join CLIC at the Broadband Communities Conference in Washington, D.C., Oct. 30-31 :: BBC Conference website :: Coalition for Local Internet Choice


"Charter Is Preparing to Build a Wireless Network" :: Light Reading

"How Wi-Fi Almost Didn’t Happen" :: Wired


"NCTA Sues Maine Over PEG Law" -- "Cable operators are suing the State of Maine over a law that imposes PEG channel requirements and changes to existing franchise agreements, both of which they say are illegal." :: Multichannel News

. . . "Maine sued for the second time in a week over 2019 cable law overhaul" :: Bangor Daily News

"Comcast, Fox, CBS, & Disney Sue to Block À La Carte TV" :: Cord Cutters News

"Has Disney Created a $12.99 Cable Killer?" :: Motley Fool

"Altice USA Loves What Locast Does, CEO Says" :: Light Reading

"Cable TV is Trying to Scare Cord Cutters With Data Caps – We Explain Why You Shouldn’t Worry" :: Cord Cutters News

"Cable Clams Up on NextGen TV Recalcitrance" -- "Charter's primary points to the FCC were that it doesn't intend to carry [ATSC] 3.0 signals since broadcasters have not yet settled on standards and that many of the proposed auxiliary services (such as wireless data transmission) don't fit with retransmission agreements." :: Multichannel News


"'Report pours scorn over Google's ideas for Toronto smart city" :: The Guardian

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