September 26, 2019


"Scoping New Policy Frameworks for Local Broadband Networks" -- "We argue that this ‘third wave’ of community networking efforts and technology demonstrates new connectivity models that can solve some of the nation’s broadband problems, especially when accompanied by supportive federal and state policies." (Univ. of Texas)  :: SSRN

Lycoming County, PA consider countywide wireless and fiber options :: Williamsport Sun Gazette

"Waterloo [IA] taps consultant to explore city broadband system" :: The Courier

"SES, Viasat say FCC’s rural broadband latency requirements unfair to satellites" :: SpaceNews

"Testing the economics of the net neutrality debate":  "The paper finds net neutrality rule changes in the United States [in 2010, 2015, and 2017] had no impact on telecommunication industry investment levels based on the data, outcome variable, and limiting assumptions used." :: Telecommunications Policy

"Speech and Commerce: What Section 230 Should and Should Not Protect" :: Public Knowledge

"The Hidden World of Undersea Fiber" :: POTs and PANs


"Fight over utility poles for 5G brewing" in Rochester, NY; Verizon lawsuit claims city ordinance violates FCC's 2018 small cell order :: Roll Call

"Kansas Town, Google Partner for Wi-Fi on School Buses" :: Government Technology

"Vivint Internet Launches Fixed 5G Service ... New Internet Service Will Deliver 5G Over Wireless Neighborhood Networks" :: Vivint PR

"EU public WiFi program has met strong enthusiasm" -- "WiFi4RU was designed to build free, high speed, and secure wifi connections to the internet in public spaces across the member states, for example in parks, squares, libraries, public buildings, for residents and visitors alike. The recipients of the ‘vouchers’, each of which is worth €15,000, will then choose their subcontractors to build the access network, not in duplication with other existing free public or private wifi networks." :: Telecoms.com


"Beyond-broadcast strategies key to survival of local public TV stations" :: Current
"AT&T hits back at Sinclair’s ‘egregious demands’ in carriage dispute" :: FierceVideo


"Moving backwards: consolidation, deregulation & lack of accountability in the US media and broadband industries" (Gigi Sohn) :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

FCC's 2017 order eliminating media cross-ownership rules vacated by Third Circuit,  opinion says FCC's justification "would receive a failing grade in any introductory statistics class" :: Ars Technica

"Trusting Big Company Promises" :: POTs and PANs


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