October 1, 2019


"Where The 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand On Broadband Issues" (digital divide, infrastructure, net neutrality, municipal broadband and privacy) :: BroadbandNow

Methow Valley (WA) Broadband Action Team issues RFP for technical assessment and planning :: MuniNetworks :: Link to RFP

Estes Park, CO launches municipal broadband fiber service :: BizWest (sub. req'd)

"Ohio weighs opening highway corridors to broadband projects" :: AP

"How Georgia Made Its Unique Broadband Coverage Map" :: Government Technology

"Levin, Downes Get Some Pushback on Urban, 'Education Divide,' Broadband Uptake Theory" -- "Researchers said price remains key issue" :: Multichannel News

"Cheap internet for low-income users spreads in Denver, but there’s more to the urban digital divide -- Starry’s $15-a-month broadband sounds like a deal. So why isn’t everyone signing up?" :: Colorado Sun

"White Paper: Why Smart Communities Need Digital Inclusion" :: National Digital Inclusion Alliance

"When Will Cable Need 10G?" :: Light Reading

Profile of Indonesian telco:  "As well as offering a better experience, the cost of fiber is coming down sharply, and the cost of CPE (customer premises equipment) is well below that of 5G terminals.  'We see fiber as a more cost-effective technology for Indonesia at the moment. So it makes sense to use fiber, and 5G as an extension of that.'" :: Light Reading

"Study Proves The FCC's Core Justification for Killing Net Neutrality Was False -- The biggest study yet finds Ajit Pai’s repeated claims that net neutrality hurt broadband investment have never been true." :: VICE

"FCC Invests $950 Million to Improve Broadband in Puerto Rico, USVI" :: FCC


More on fixed 5G wireless in San Leandro, CA from Common Networks -- "The offering supports service at speeds as high as 300 Mbps, the company said. A 20 Mbps offering is available for $34 a month and an 80 Mbps service costs $39 monthly" :: Telecompetitor

"AT&T and the City of Salinas hedged their bets and signed a master license agreement for attaching small cell sites to city-owned poles that complies with current Federal Communications Commission guidelines, but snaps back to market-based fees if those rules are changed, or overruled by a federal court." :: Santa Cruz Tech Beat

"FCC Proposes CBRS Auction Rules: Over 22,000 Licenses by County, Possible CMA Option" :: Telecompetitor

List of "[e]very 5G city and region for every major carrier in the US" :: Android Police

Wi-Fi turns 20 :: POTs and PANs


Locast files counterclaim; "Locast Accuses ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC of Antitrust Violations" :: Cord Cutters News :: Ars Technica :: Light Reading

. . . "YouTube TV Threatened With Broadcast Network Punishment If It Supports Locast" :: AndroidHeadlines

"Maine Legislates a la Carte Programming" :: POTs and PANs

More on Braintree [MA] Electric Light Dept. exiting cable business:  "Cutting Cable, Braintree Provider Teaches Customers To Stream TV" :: WBZ


"Washington idle as ransomware ravages cities big and small" :: Politico

"The Downside to Smart Cities" :: POTs and PANs

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