November 12, 2019


"Municipal Districts: The Fix for What Ails Rural Internet?" (re: NH/VT):: Government Technology

"Episode 5, From Crops to Co-ops Animated Video Series, The Cooperative Option" :: MuniNetworks

Community Broadband Media Roundup, November 11 :: MuniNetworks

"A New Technology for MDU Broadband" --  "The company says that the technology will deliver a gigabit signal about 500 feet over telephone copper wires and over 4,000 feet on coaxial cable. ... If this technology operates as touted it could provide a cost-effective way to get broadband into MDUs, particularly older ones where rewiring is a cost barrier." :: POTs and PANs

"The People Left Behind in a Broadband World" - "In southeastern Ohio, as in many rural areas, people aren’t waiting for 5G. They’re waiting for any broadband service at all" :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd)

"The Broadband Parity Act would set one standard for 'high-speed internet' across more than 20 programs aimed at improving access to broadband in the U.S.  Right now, each program adheres to its own definition of what constitutes speedy internet."; Bill would require all  programs to use FCC definition of "high speed":  25Mbps/3Mbps :: The Hill :: Multichannel News

Chmn. Pai says rental fees for broadband equipment is an FTC issue :: FCC (letter to Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL)

Missouri launches broadband grant program :: Missouri Dept. of Economic Development

"Throttling lives on, just in smaller print" :: USA Today

"Report: Frontier Bankruptcy Could Come in Early 2020, New CEO Sought" :: Telecompetitor


"T-Mobile said today that it will provide free 5G connectivity to every first responder at every public and non-profit state and local police, fire and emergency medical service agency in the U.S. assuming its merger with Sprint is completed." :: Telecompetitor

. . . "T-Mobile/Sprint Inching Towards Final OK" :: Benton Foundation for Internet & Society

"America's 5G auctions will make someone a fortune – but for whom exactly, and who pays?
Lawmakers, ISPs and cable companies all vying to get a piece of the action" :: The Register

"U.S. Government Is Tripping Over Itself in Race to Dominate 5G Technology --
Different parts of the government are fighting over spectrum space, threatening to undermine the country’s efforts" :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd)

"Speculation is at a fever pitch surrounding FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s pending decision on how to sell the 5G-friendly airwaves in the so-called C-band, with many suspecting the commission may take up an item on the matter at the FCC’s Dec. 12 meeting" :: Politico

"Here Are the 25 Cities Where Dish Will Probably Build 5G First" :: Light Reading

More on Common Networks' 5G fixed wireless deployments in California ::  CNBC

"Deep Packet Inspection: Getting the Most Out of 5G" :: FierceWireless

"Democrats Press FCC on Carriers' Sale of User Location Data" :: Light Reading


More on local government appeal of FCC cable franchise fee order :: Bloomberg


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