November 21, 2019


"UTOPIA Fiber Still Growing With High Demand" ::  MuniNetworks

More on City of Alexandria invitation to bid for construction of a City-owned fiber optic network:  "With the construction of the new fiber optic network, the City is planning to seek new partners who could lease excess conduit space to provide broadband service to residents and businesses." :: Broadband Communities

"Auburn [IN] Essential Services Puts Its Communities First With the Last Network They Will Ever Need" :: Calix release

"The FCC Is About to Raise Billions. Congress Should Invest it in Fiber Infrastructure" :: EFF

"Gigabit Availabilility Report":  U.S. leads the world with 68.5 million having it available, followed by China and South Korea :: Telecompetitor

"Killing Net Neutrality Was Even Worse Than You Think" -- "[T]he industry-backed repeal quietly had a much broader objective: It all-but obliterated the FCC’s authority to hold ISPs accountable for any number of other bad behaviors. Instead, it dumped most telecom oversight on a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that experts say lacks the resources or authority to police the sector and punish bad behavior." (Karl Bode) :: Medium

"Free Internet Is Proposed in Britain. Is It Even Possible?" :: New York Times

"Almost 60% of farmers said they don’t have had adequate broadband to run their business. 60% of farmers said the primary problem with their broadband is slow speed. ... 78% of farmers said they have only one option for choosing an ISP." :: POTs and PANs

USDA "investing $42.5 million in 133 distance learning and telemedicine projects in 37 states and two territories." :: Telecompetitor

"Auditing the Universal Service Fund" :: POTs and PANs

House E&C approves slew of broadband bills: mapping, security, etc :: Multichannel News

"Verizon finally reveals actual 5G coverage maps" :: The Verge

"Verizon Brings Mobile 5G Service to Houston Metro Area" :: Houston Chronicle

"Top 5G Takeaways From Verizon's Analyst Day" :: Light Reading

"Qualcomm says 5G rollout will be faster than 4G, projects 175 million to 225 million 5G handsets in 2020" :: ZDNet

"Nokia touts more than 120 private LTE network deployments" -- "Nokia said it has stood up 35 private LTE networks for customers in the energy industry, 32 in the public sector and smart cities, 24 in transportation, 11 in manufacturing and logistics and more than 18 in other industries.  Nokia sees a massive opportunity for private networks" :: FierceWireless

"C-Band Watchers Weigh In" after decision for public auction; Intelesat stock drops 40% in one day :: Multichannel News

"The $60 Billion C-Band Sweepstakes: Who Gets the Windfall for Accommodating 5G?" :: TeleFrieden


"House E&C Stikes STELAR Renewal Deal" -- "[T]he bill, H.R. 5035, the Television Viewer Protection Act, would be a win for cable operators, though short of the retrans reforms--no blackouts, arbitration--that are on their wish list.... The bill allows MVPD buying groups the same good faith guarantee in negotiations, as ACA Connects had lobbied for" :: Broadcasting & Cable :: Multichannel News

. . . ACA takes issue with proposed buying group conditions :: Multichannel News

"Comcast trying to drive local sports network [Denver RSN Altitude Sports] out of business, lawsuit says" ::  Ars Technica


"How online privacy notices can achieve informed user consent" :: The Hill

"Police can keep Ring camera video forever and share with whomever they’d like, Amazon tells senator" :: Washington Post

"50 years later, the internet’s inventors are horrified by what it’s become":  "'I used to say that the internet was going through its teenage years,' Kleinrock tells me. 'But I don’t say that anymore.'" :: Fast Company


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