December 3, 2019


"McKee, an Appalachian town of about twelve hundred tucked into the Pigeon Roost Creek valley, is the seat of Jackson County, one of the poorest counties in the country. There’s a sit-down restaurant, Opal’s, that serves the weekday breakfast-and-lunch crowd, one traffic light, a library, a few health clinics, eight churches, a Dairy Queen, a pair of dollar stores, and some of the fastest Internet in the United States. Subscribers to Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative (P.R.T.C.), which covers all of Jackson County and the adjacent Owsley County, can get speeds of up to one gigabit per second, and the coöperative is planning to upgrade the system to ten gigabits. ...  In nearly five years, it has created more than six hundred work-at-home jobs in the county."  :: New Yorker

"Alexandria, Virginia, Ready to Invest in I-Net" :: MuniNetworks

. . . "City Lowers Public Benefit Expectations for Municipal Fiber Plans" -- "[T]he City of Alexandria ... clarified that the side benefit of increased consumer choice in cable, voice and broadband services is still conditional.  'This is an intended benefit, but only if private providers choose to avail themselves of the opportunity'" ::  ALXNow

"A Vermont regional commission has received funds to study the potential for building a fiber network to serve its 27 member towns." :: Brattleboro Reformer

"The Internet We Didn’t Expect" (Jim Ciccone reply to recent NYT article) :: AT&T

Comcast confirms December price increase on Internet and cable:  "With this price hike starting on December 18th, 2019, Comcast customers will see the fee on Broadcast TV go up from $10 a month to $14.95 a month. The Basic TV package will be increasing from $30 a month to $35 a month, and internet will be increasing on most plans $3 a month." :: Cord Cutters News

"Many Pregnant Women Live Too Far From a Doctor to Get Regular Care. Here's How Technology Can Help" (Jessica Rosenworcel) :: TIME

"NDIA to FCC: Broadband affordability should be addressed in annual assessment" :: NDIA

NTIA launches Minority Broadband Initiative:  "MBI’s purpose is to create a partnership with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with the goal of expanding broadband availability in the communities that they serve" :: Government Technology

"It's All About the Collateral" -- "A [broadband] project without collateral is not easily bankable. Unsophisticated borrowers think the numbers in their business plan tell a bank all they need to know. The truth is that the business plan is several items down the checklist for a bank, with collateral at the top of the list." :: POTs and PANs

Arkansas Rural Connect Grant Program funds  ($25M) available to cities with a population of 500+;  "We want to get to the unincorporated areas and the county areas for sure. However, we view the cities as the best place to start." :: Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Missouri launches inaugural broadband grant program ($5M) :: Missouri Department of Economic Development

Blandin Foundation looking for four Minnesota communities for broadband grant program :: Blandin Foundation


"Installing Free Wi-Fi To Help Count Rural Communities Of Color In 2020 Census" :: NPR

"T-Mobile touts 'nationwide 5G' that fails to cover 130 million Americans -- T-Mobile's 'nationwide 5G' isn't nationwide and is just barely faster than 4G." :: Ars Technica

"At launch, AT&T’s real 5G will only be as fast as its fake 5G -- 5G on low-band spectrum will be similar to LTE-Advanced until further upgrades." :: Ars Technica

"Verizon’s 5G Experience Using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing May Not Differ Much from 4G LTE" :: Telecompetitor

"5G Is Here — And for Real This Time -- New Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile offerings are speedy, but hardly revolutionary" :: Multichannel News

"As 5G antennas pop up across Virginia Beach, city wants more control" :: Virginian-Pilot

"Sprint Overcounted Subsidized Customers for Years" :: Wall Street Journal

"Huawei to sue over FCC restrictions on USF spending" :: FierceWireless

Charter to follow Comcast's model, plans to use residential routers to offload Spectrum Mobile traffic :: Multichannel News

"No End in Sight for FirstNet Interoperability Debate" :: Government Technology


"Cord-Cutting Pushed to ‘Tipping Point’ as Video Streaming Grows"  --  Sports make up “the potential floor for the pay TV ecosystem, as long as the major sports leagues’ rights remain exclusive to the pay TV bundle," says MoffetNathanson :: Bloomberg

Data caps and extra fees kick in for OTT binge watchers :: USA Today


"'Cyber Monday' was created by a marketing executive in 2005. Data had shown online sales spiking the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Analysts guessed workers were loading up their virtual shopping carts when they returned to their offices' high-speed internet connections after the holiday weekend." :: Axios

"Senate Dems Introduce Privacy Bill of Rights" :: Multichannel News

"West Virginia Inmates Will Be Charged by the Minute to Read E-Books on Tablets" :: Reason

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