December 18, 2019


ILSR Policy Brief:  "Cooperatives Fiberize Rural America" -- "More than 110 rural electric co-ops have embarked on fiber optic projects to increase Internet access for their members, a number that is growing rapidly from just a handful in 2012.  The majority, or 72.7 percent, of the fiber service available in rural areas is provided by rural cooperatives." :: ILSR

"Greenlight Community Broadband Leads Fiber Training in Wilson, North Carolina" :: MuniNetworks

Is 25/3 Mbps "high speed broadband"?  -- "The debate over what constitutes high-speed broadband has heated up as the FCC collects comments for its next report to Congress on the state of broadband availability." :: Multichannel News

"According to the researchers, 2019 was the first year when more U.S. homes received broadband service via fiber than via DSL or FTTN. That milestone makes fiber broadband the second most popular choice after cable modem service." :: Telecompetitor

AT&T CEO: "[S]o for 2020, with the bulk of our investments behind us in this fiber plan, our tactics are to drive penetration with the fiber that we’ve built.”; will bundle its new premium virtual pay TV service, AT&T TV, "to drive FTTH growth" :: Multichannel News

"AT&T Cutting Capital Spending" :: POTs and PANs

"Fiber Resource Shortages":  "The fiber industry is as busy as I have ever seen it, and it’s about to get even busier. ... All of this fiber activity is going to mean a shortfall of industry resources of all kinds." :: POTs and PANs

"No-fiber zone: FCC funds [via CAF] 25Mbps, data-capped satellite in rural areas" ::  Ars Technica

Second round of ReConnect funding:  "USDA to Make $550 Million in Funding Available in 2020 to Deploy High-Speed Broadband Internet Infrastructure in Rural America"; application window January 31 - March 16, 2020 :: USDA

"Your Internet Provider Likely Juiced Its Official Speed Scores" -- "AT&T, Cox, Comcast and other broadband companies successfully push the FCC to omit unflattering data on speed tests, among other tactics, to improve their scores" :: Wall Street Journal

More on cable industry's initiative toward 10Gbps :: TechSpot

House passes broadband mapping bills :: House Energy and Commerce Committee

"No matter where you live, rural broadband is a big issue in Virginia" :: Washington Post

Telehealth project focuses on barbershops and hair salons in Cleveland, targeting hypertension :: MuniNetworks

"How State Policy Shapes Broadband Deployment" :: Pew

"Why We Still Need Net Neutrality" :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"The Case for a Mostly Open Internet" :: ITIF

"Internet2 Chooses CenturyLink Fiber Network" :: Internet2

Chmn. Pai appoints six to USAC Board of Directors :: FCC


"5G’s rollout is confusing, uneven, and rife with problems" :: Fast Company

"Verizon turns on 5G in Los Angeles as city count hits 19" :: CNet

?With the new AT&T offering, all four large US carriers have some sort of 5G service available to some consumers. Even so, all of these networks are still a long way from living up to the 5G hype. Most offer only a modest speed boost over the more common 4G services, while the few delivering the fastest connections are spotty at best." :: Wired

"Odds of T-Mobile/Sprint merger happening fall to 55% - analyst" :: FierceWireless

Cable companies accounted for 1/3 of wireless market share in Q3, says MoffettNathanson :: Multichannel News

"FCC proposes using traffic-safety airwaves for WiFi, dividing the Trump administration" :: Washington Post

"Rosenworcel Slams FCC Focus on High Band: -- "She pointed out that the FCC has yet to auction a hertz worth of midband while continuing to focus on high-band spectrum that is harder to use to deploy rural service given its propagation issues and the need for denitrification." :: Multichannel News

"FCC High-Band Auction Bidding Nears $1 Billion" :: Multichannel News

"How Will Congress Spend Over $40 Billion in [mid-band] C-Band Auction Revenues?" :: Voqal

"The [C Band] sale could yield an estimated $20 billion to $40 billion for the U.S. Treasury, help mobile carriers build 5G networks, and offer wireless internet service providers the opportunity to bring high-speed broadband to rural and hard-to-serve areas—if policymakers get this moment right." (M. Calabrese, A. Nasr) :: Slate


"AT&T TV to Roll Out in February, Drive Fiber Penetration" :: Multichannel News

"FCC Proposes to Update Cable Service Change Notifications"; would eliminate rule requiring days's notice to subs and LFA "when service changes occur due to retransmission consent or program carriage negotiations that fail within the last 30 days of a contract "  :: FCC


"Lawsuit Targets San Diego’s Controversial Smart Streetlights -- Critics of the project say the system is intrusive and could be used to spy on citizens, although police insist they are not monitoring camera feeds." :: San Diego Union Tribune

"Trump administration scooping up Americans' data in effort to track undocumented immigrants, ACLU says" :: Washington Post

"Facebook Won’t Change Web Tracking in Response to California Privacy Law" :: Wall Street Journal

AEI: FTC’s privacy settlement with Facebook is "just right" :: American Enterprise Institute

"Facebook Inc. will pay $130 million to establish an independent board charged with reviewing how the company moderates its content" -- "The money, which Facebook described as an “initial commitment,” is meant to cover six years of operations" ::  Wall Street Journal

"Vox Media to Cut 200 Freelancers, Citing California Gig-Worker Law -- A state law meant to target Uber and Lyft has repercussions for contributors to the sports site SB Nation." :: New York Times

"How the Loss of the Landline Is Changing Family Life" -- "I'll get it, He's not here right now, and It's for you are all phrases that are on their way out of the modern domestic vernacular." :: The Atlantic


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