January 23, 2020

Clients and Colleagues,

Here is a link to our firm's annual compliance memorandum:  
Federal Communications Law Compliance Overview for 2020.

We hope that you will find this material helpful.   Please feel free to provide it to anyone who might benefit.   If you have questions, need additional information, or spot any errors or omissions, please give us a call.

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"The Cost of Connectivity in Ammon, Idaho" :: New America

Maine broadband bill sponsor:  "In rural communities, an entirely private-sector model of investment is simply not viable ... There needs to be a public-private partnership." :: Public News Service

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey pledges to triple broadband grant funding, announces $50 million project to deploy broadband facilities along rural highways :: AZ Big Media

"Elko [NV] is dropping franchise fees to zero for telecommunications companies over the next five years to encourage better broadband coverage for the community that will in turn encourage economic growth." :: Elko Daily Free Press

"[I]f connectivity is not just a necessity, but also the defining civic virtue of the so-called smart city, how should we explain this persistent failure [of digital inclusion efforts] even when there are resources and people dedicated to digital inclusion in the making of the smart city? ... A recent survey with public housing residents in a U.S. city, for example, found that privacy concerns were a major barrier to connectivity; a stark contrast to the national pattern which identifies privacy as one of the least-mentioned reasons why some Americans stay offline. Public officials and tech companies, however, tend to dismiss low-income residents’ reservations as a failure to appreciate these state-of-the-art urban technologies." (Prof. Burcu Baykurt) ::  Benton Foundation for Internet & Society

Broadband growth by state:  "Montana saw the greatest improvement, with broadband availability increasing from 11% to 86% between 2010 and 2020 – a 652% growth rate. Other states seeing big gains were Vermont (412%), Arkansas (117%) and West Virginia (109%)" according to BroadbandNow study :: Telecompetitor

"The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund: Subsidizing Toyotas or Ferraris?" -- "The number of commonly used applications considered essential for an individual citizen participating in a modern economy and capable of being used only with a connection specification of 25/3 or higher is negligible. Applications requiring these speeds are almost all used by commercial end users." :: American Enterprise Institute

NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association on RDOF: "tweaks" needed to "prevent storm clouds in the future" :: NTCA

"FCC shuts New York out of $20B broadband fund, and senators are angry" -- "NY ineligible for new money because FCC previously gave to a state fund." :: Ars Technica

"Comcast’s Earnings Rise 26%, Lifted by Broadband Growth" :: Wall Street Journal

"In its application to the FCC, SpaceX responded 'No' to a question about whether the [satellite broadband] project would 'have a significant environmental impact.' That meant nobody had to conduct a NEPA assessment of the satellites' effects on the environment." :: Business Insider

Broadband Communities 2020 Summit, April 27-30 in Houston, TX :: Broadband Communities 2020 Summit


"Aesthetics have become extremely important" in small cell deployment as cities like Arvada, CO and Baltimore try to manage it :: Light Reading

"Senators fret over lack of manpower to build 5G" :: The Hill 

Commr. Carr says 5G streamlining has produced "remarkable results"  ::  Multichannel News

"The Long Goodbye of Wi-Fi Has Begun" -- "Local 5G networks could replace the familiar wireless standard" ::  IEEE Spectrum

"Killing 3G" :: POTs and PANs


"So far, under California’s new privacy law, firms are disclosing too little data — or far too much" :: Washington Post

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