February 3, 2020


Longmont, CO:  "Local No-Cost Broadband Program Takes Aim at Digital Divide" :: Government Technology

"People in Oldham County [KY] are trying to form a municipal owned broadband system" :: WHAS11

Lakeland, FL preparing RFP seeking partnership with private companies, "a significant switch from the past five years of debate whether to launch a city-owned broadband utility" :: The Ledger

Redding, CA developing plan for citywide publicly owned internet utility :: aNewsCafe.com

"FCC Launches $20 Billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund" :: FCC

"Ajit Pai’s 'surprise' change [in RDOF Order] makes it harder to get FCC broadband funding -- Nearly 30 states may have 'eligibility reduced or eliminated'" under RDOF order provision  that bans funding for areas already receiving money from any similar federal or state broadband-subsidy program; "The new provision is so vague and expansive that it could affect areas in dozens of states or exclude some states from receiving money entirely, according to [Commr. Starks]" :: Ars Technica

. . . "Last-Minute Change to FCC Rural Broadband Fund May Ban Grants for Millions of Unconnected Americans" :: Public Knowledge

"AT&T Lied About Everything It Promised to Do If It Got a Tax Cut --  AT&T said a net neutrality repeal and tax cut would result in new jobs and more broadband investment. It's cut tens of thousands of jobs and is spending less than ever." :: VICE

"Digital Equity and Broadband Adoption" (Gigi Sohn) :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"Digital Equity: Experts Testify on the Hill" :: MuniNetworks

"The Frontier Bankruptcy" :: POTs and PANs

"OneWeb joins the satellite Internet gold rush this week" :: Ars Technica

More on satellite ISP service from Amazon :: Motley Fool

"Windstream Meets 2019 CAF II Milestones, On Track for 2020" :: Telecompetitor


"Miami Streets Are Awash With 5G Debris" from Super Bowl;  "T]he new towers, many still unfinished, spring unpredictably from torn-up sidewalks, creating obstacles for bicycles and wheelchairs. They jut out in front of expensive condos and, in at least one case, beside street art." :: Bloomberg

"Verizon courts public safety with 5G, Super Bowl ad" :: FierceWireless

"Verizon CEO defends mmWave strategy for 5G" :: FierceWireless
"Does 5G Have the Potential to Make the Digital Divide Worse?" :: Government Technology

"Senator Cantwell [D-WA] wants 5G spectrum auction to fund rural broadband expansion" :: GeekWire

"[A]dvice to avoid public Wi-Fi is mostly out of date and applicable to a lot fewer people than it once was." :: EFF


"Advocates for Cities Say They Are More in Touch with the Privacy Views of Americans Than is the Federal Government" :: Broadband Breakfast

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