February 12, 2020


"Medina County [OH] Fiber Network Expansion Meets Financial Milestone" :: MuniNetworks

"New York and the FCC Have Two Very Different Plans on Internet Access" (Blair Levin) -- "In its quest for solutions and partnerships, the  [NYC] Internet Master Plan is a sharp contrast to the FCC’s approach, which started with the idea that the primary tool for deploying next generation networks was deregulation, and that cities themselves were the major cause of most delays. Indeed, responding to a complaint that the committee the FCC appointed to advise on network deployments was composed almost entirely of industry representatives, a key FCC official said, '[W]e didn’t want to choose someone from, say, a municipality that needs a blueprint, because they’re not going to be the ones to help design that blueprint.'" :: Brookings

"The Digital Divide Promises to Skew Census Results" :: Free Press

"The Fragile Supply Chain" -- "I’m sure that very few Americans realized that the Wuhan region has a near-monopoly on the manufacture of lasers." :: POTs and PANs

"Is the Universal Service Fund in Peril? A Close Look at the Budget – and Where the Money Comes From":  Contribution rate has doubled over past nine years, and "by 2030 ... nearly half of service providers’ interstate and international telecom revenues would be going toward Universal Service. That’s assuming the USF budget remains flat at around $8 billion. ... A logical question is why the FCC doesn’t expand the contribution base to include broadband revenues, considering that the funding now is going, in large part, toward broadband. The answer is political."  :: Telecompetitor

FCC Report and Order creating the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (from Benton) :: FCC RDOF Report and Order

"Will the Big Telcos Pursue RDOF Grants?" -- "It would be a travesty to see any more federal grant money spent to upgrade rural DSL particularly since the FCC already spent $9 billion trying to upgrade the same copper networks. The copper networks everywhere are past their expected useful lives, and the networks operated by the big telcos are in the worst shape." :: POTs and PANs

"FCC Mapping Rules Draw Fresh Criticism Amid $20.4B  [RDOF] Disbursal" :: Government Technology

"Congress is on the verge of passing legislation to improve broadband maps. Unfortunately, tucked inside the “Broadband DATA Act” is a provision that could unintentionally jeopardize broadband funding for schools, libraries, and healthcare providers." :: SHLB

Analysis of FCC's actions to close the digital divide in FY 2019 :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"Measuring the Gap:  What’s the right approach to exploring why some Americans do not subscribe to broadband?"  :: NDIA

"After years in the cold, satellite is hot again" :: Light Reading

Average U.S. Broadband Consumer's Monthly Data Use Surged 27% in 2019 to 340 GB :: Multichannel News :: OVBI

"Registrars raise alarm over proposal for big .com fee hikes -- 
Proposed contract allows Verisign to raise registration fees 7 percent per year." :: Ars Technica

"Optimum raises prices on internet and TV plans, barely warning customers -- A warning was buried in their previous bill" :: The Verge


"Here's Why It Might Be Time to Worry About mmWave 5G" :: Light Reading

"Sluggish lowband 5G from AT&T, T-Mobile raises the question: Why bother?" -- "These initial lowband 5G networks from AT&T and T-Mobile represent just a first, tentative step on a long 5G journey that ought to take each of the operators years to complete, and should eventually include a wide range of technologies like edge computing and spectrum bands like the C-Band." :: Light Reading

T-Mobile and Sprint are cleared to merge :: New York Times

"TMobile-Sprint Merger Approved and 144 Million U.S. Subscribers Will Pay Dearly" :: TeleFreiden


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