February 14, 2020


"How a new model [Springfield, MO's "utility lease model"] can expand broadband access across communities" (Blair Levin) :: Brookings

"New Public-Private Partnership to Boost Broadband in Southeastern New Mexico," involving ExxonMobil, State of New Mexico and Plateau Communications :: Broadband Communities :: Carlsbad Current-Argus

"Eight Pennsylvania Counties Join Forces to Improve Regional Connectivity" :: MuniNetworks

"Can New York City fix what ails American broadband?" :: Protocol

"New Momentum Building for State Broadband Support Work" --  "As Pew Charitable Trusts prepares to release a report this month about state broadband support efforts, many in the space say a new momentum is building" :: Government Technology

"Frustrated by Flawed Broadband Maps, States Are Trying to Create Their Own" :: NextGov

First traunch ($16B) of $20.4 RDOF fund to be distributed using universally criticized FCC mapping data based on Form 477;  "When the FCC begins distributing the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, however, it may not matter how accurate statewide coverage maps are. . . . Ajit Pai added a rule that would make any area of the country that already receives money from a federal or state-funded broadband expansion program ineligible for the fund, potentially ruling out rural parts of more than 30 states." :: StateScoop

. . . "Areas that receive broadband funding through the USDA ReConnect program or a state broadband program will not be eligible to receive funding through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF)." :: Telecompetitor

"What is the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund?" :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"Many Americans Can't Afford Broadband, But the FCC Doesn't Care" -- "The government routinely claims that people who lack broadband simply don’t want it. More often, limited competition and monopoly domination means they simply can’t afford it." :: VICE

Broadband Communities Summit 2020:  April 27-30, Houston, TX :: Broadband Communities


"Can 5G Replace Wi-Fi?" -- "Verizon clearly foresees a world where every home has a new monthly subscription to use its in-home 5G network." :: POTs and PANs

"Verizon doubles down on mmWave 5G with new 60-city deployment goal" :: FierceWireless

. . . "Verizon pledges 5x more small cells in 2020" :: FierceWireless

Charter and Comcast to offer mobile 5G, reselling Verizon :: Telecompetitor


"FCC Grants NCTA Clarification of Franchise Fee Dereg Decision" :: Broadcasting+Cable

"Roku predicts half of US homes will have cut the cord and dropped cable by 2024" :: CNBC


Digital Millennium Copyright Act reform in the works :: The Verge

More on the new California Consumer Privacy Act :: POTs and PANs

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