February 25, 2020


"Idaho House Bill Threatens Funding Option for Community Network Investment" -- "'On its face, [H 490] claims to authorize cities to have the authority to finance, build, and operate a communications network and offer a communications service, but each of the restrictions that follow make it impossible for a city to actually do those things. It is like telling your child: ‘Sure, you can play outside, just don’t leave the house.'" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"Capitalizing on Chattanooga's high-speed Internet connections, a coalition of government, university, business and nonprofit agencies formed 16 months [ago] has succeeded in capturing $110 million of federal [smart city] research projects" :: Chattanooga Times Free Press

Shrewsbury [MA] Electric and Cable Operations (SELCO) moves forward with FTTH expansion :: Community Advocate

"How FCC Policies Hurt Communities" -- "There is no single FCC action that hurt [rural counties], but a cascading series of individual decisions have made it harder for them to find a broadband solution." :: POTs and PANs

"Cincinnati Bell, Butler Rural Electric Co-op Deal Signals Growing Interest for Telco Electric Partnerships" :: Telecompetitor

"How AT&T Is Transforming Itself for a Future of 5G and Streaming" :: Barron's

"The FCC Wants to Hear More About Net Neutrality"  -- "[T]he FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau seeks to refresh the record regarding the issues remanded to the FCC by the District of Columbia Circuit Court." :: Benton Foundation for Internet & Society :: Wired

Op-Ed: "San Francisco’s communications choice ordinance is working" --- "The ordinance, also known as Article 52 and passed by the Board of Supervisors in 2016, ensures that tenants in multi-dwelling unit buildings can choose their own internet service provider (ISP) regardless of their landlord’s preference for service" :: San Francisco Examiner


2020 capex of major wireless carriers :: FierceWireless

"5G spectrum auction imperiled by satellite operators' hunger for money" :: Light Reading

"FCC Reports on Poor Rural 4G Coverage" -- "[T]he national coverage maps for 4G LTE are largely fiction in rural America." :: POTs and PANs


"Could Verizon Fios Dump Cable TV for YouTube TV? -- It does not sound like a bad idea. Here's why." :: The National Interest

"Add Windstream to the Growing YouTube TV Partnerships for Streaming TV" :: Telecompetitor

"Look how far cable TV has fallen" :: Fast Company


"AT&T loses key ruling in class action over unlimited-data throttling -- AT&T's mandatory-arbitration clause is illegal in California, court rules." :: Ars Technica

Podcast interview with Ajit Pai:  "Pai defends his actions and explains how the U.S. can 'win' everything from the 5G race to the war on robocalls." :: Freakonomics

"Silicon Valley Ruined Work Culture" --"Why does every damn place—even old-school corporate offices—have to be fun and full of foosball?" :: Wired

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