February 28, 2020


"State Legislatures 2020: Broadband Preemption Still a Risk" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

CenturyLink ready to launch gigabit service in lease arrangement with Springfield, MO municipal electric utility :: POTs and PANs

"Tackling the Tribal Digital Divide -- A nonprofit helps Native communities build and operate their own broadband networks." :: Stanford Magazine

Pew report:   "How States Are Expanding Broadband Access:  New research identifies tactics for connecting unserved communities" :: Pew :: Telecompetitor :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

Brookings report:  "Digital Prosperity:  How Broadband Can Delivery Health and Equity to All Communities" :: Brookings 

"A quarter of Cuyahoga County [OH] homes have no internet access" -- Profile of nonprofit DigitalC's digital inclusion efforts :: Cleveland.com

"Why Are U.S. Broadband Prices So High?" -- "Telecom regulation has been all but killed in the country. This is almost entirely at the bidding of lobbyists. The current FCC went so far as to write themselves out of regulating broadband. All of these events resulted in US broadband that now costs twice as much as the rest of the industrialized world." :: POTs and PANs

Justice Thomas:  "Although I authored Brand X  [upholding an FCC decision classifying cable broadband as an unregulated "information service"], 'it is never too late to 'surrende[r] former views to a better considered position.' Brand X appears to be inconsistent with the Constitution, the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), and traditional tools of statutory interpretation....I would revisit Brand X ..." :: Ars Technica

"In Support of Maryland Net Neutrality Act" (testimony of Gigi Sohn) :: Benton Foundation for Internet & Society

"The Obama Open Internet Vote's 5th Anniversary: Time to Talk About Network Neutrality For Big Tech" :: Fortune

"Net Neutrality Docket is Now FCC's Busiest" :: Multichannel News

"San Francisco’s open access rules for broadband in multi-tenant buildings is alive and well" according to local ISP :: Tellus Venture Assocs.

"SpaceX May Be Eyeing the RDOF Auction for Rural Broadband Funding" :: Telecompetitor

Fiber Broadband Association:  "Cutting the red tape for fiber broadband deployment" :: Broadband World News


"What does 5G offer that 4G doesn’t?" :: USA Today

"Who Gets 5G — And Who Gets Left Behind — Has Some Worried About Digital Inequality" :: NPR

UK's Ofcom identifies no 5G health risk :: RCRWirelessNews

"The What, When and How of 5G" :: Poltico

"How National 5G Policy Became Chaotic" :: Politico

"The 5G World: What People Care About" :: Politico

"So You Wanna Get 5G? -- The wireless future may already be in your city, if you know where to find it. Just don’t move too far to one side." :: Politico


"A Growing Number of Small Cable TV Providers Are Walking Away from TV" :: Cord Cutters News

"AT&T TV’s Launch Date Has Been Moved To March 2nd 2020" :: Cord Cutters News

YouTubeTV drops Sinclair-owned FOX RSNs :: The Wrap


"Union predicts tens of thousands of job cuts after T-Mobile and Sprint combine" :: Ars Technica

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