March 20, 2020


"Alabama’s broadband expansion efforts may have hit a roadblock at a time when it is needed the most.  Several challenges have recently been filed [by Charter, et al] against grants aimed at helping deliver high-speed internet to rural areas." :: Yellowhammer

"Our Broadband Moment–Acting Now and Looking Forward" [Jon Sallet]:: Benton Foundation for Internet & Society 

. . . "Coronavirus Bill Should Build 'Lasting Broadband Future'" :: Multichannel News

"[Blair] Levin: Coronavirus Will Expose Broadband Successes, Shortcomings" :: Multichannel News

COVID-19 "might spur significant levels of investments into telecom networks, including both wired networks and 5G networks," according to some Wall Street analysts :: Light Reading

"Home Internet Connections Holding Steady In Most Major US Cities" :: BroadbandNow

"Subscribers’ average usage during the 9 am-to-5 pm daypart rose to 6.3 GB, 41.4% higher than the January figure of 4.4 GB." :: Telecompetitor

"Netflix and YouTube are slowing down in Europe to keep the internet from breaking" :: CNN

"FCC Waives Rural Health Care And E-Rate Program Gift Rules To Promote Connectivity For Hospitals And Students During Coronavirus Pandemic" :: FCC

. . . Commr. Rosenworcel:   "There’s more the FCC can do right now – and we should.” :: FCC

Commr. Starks:  "To Fight Coronavirus, Millions More Americans Need Internet Access" ... "Here is what a connectivity stimulus should include:..." :: New York Times

"There is one way that the federal government can quickly provide broadband to those without it. The government should buy piles of portable WiFi hotspots that work on cellular networks and distribute them to homes that need the broadband to function." :: POTs and PANs

"Disconnected – A Documentary about the Broadband Gap" :: POTs and PANs :: WRAL

"Quantifying the Homework Gap -- Finally a Definitive Study" :: POTs and PANs :: Quello Institute (Mich. State Univ.)

"Philly schools forbid graded ‘remote instruction’ during shutdown for equity concerns" :: WHYY

. . . "Because administrators can’t guarantee all students will have access, some schools call online work ‘enrichment,’ not part of curriculum" :: Wall Street Journal

"Small Cable Operators Beef Up Broadband to Battle Coronavirus" :: Multichannel News

"Preliminary 2019 results for Frontier Communications include net loss of $6B" :: FierceTelecom


"Part 90 licensees were required to make their transition [to CBRS standards] before April 17, 2020, but will now have until October 17, 2020. The FCC said this will not impact the timing of the June 25 auction of Priority Access Licenses in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band." :: FierceWireless :: Telecompetitor

"5G phones haven't exactly been flying off US store shelves" :: Light Reading


Commr. O'Rielly nominated to an additional term :: FCC


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