March 24, 2020


DHS guidance on "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce" during COVID-19, including communications infrastructure workers :: Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Senate Dems seek to add $2B to coronavirus bill for E-Rate :: Multichannel News

UN: Fastest, Broadest Broadband Possible is Priority in Time of Coronavirus :: Multichannel News

"Coronavirus has made peak internet usage into the new normal
Internet usage is spiking. ISPs say they can handle it. Policy wonks aren't convinced." :: CNET

Spectrum internet and TV service outages nationwide :: Android Central

"We reached out to a mix [of ISPs] to get a sense of what they are seeing and how they are adapting." -- "One of the few promising developments is that many more people suddenly see the value of high-quality Internet access." :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"Virus exposes Minnesota’s broadband gap" :: Mesabi Daily News

"Coronavirus exposes Iowa’s broadband weaknesses" :: Sioux City Journal

San Antonio : "Digital Divide Suddenly Wider" -- "The telecommunications company promised to hook up students for free, but now a representative was telling [a customer] she first had to pay a previous balance." :: San Antonio Express-News

"While Schools Are Closed, Illinois District Uses Buses As Wi-Fi Hotspots" :: Illinois Public Media

"As classes move online .... what are disconnected students to do?" :: Brookings

"US students are being asked to work remotely. But 22% of homes don't have internet" :: The Guardian

"Working Remotely Is Harder If You Only Get Internet On Your Phone" :: WNYC

"Want to Keep America Home? Give Everyone Free Basic Broadband." :: Public Knowledge

"The Internet is fine, for now" :: Wired

"The National Broadband Plan at 10: What’s Next?" (Blair Levin) :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"A bill that recently passed the Georgia House would effectively take money from electric membership corporations and give it to cable companies. The legislation, House Bill 244, would reduce the amount EMCs can charge cable companies to use their power poles. ... But there’s no requirement in the bill that cable companies would use their fee savings to expand rural internet service." :: Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"Community Use of E-Rate-Supported Wi-Fi is Permitted During Closures" :: FCC

"5G, edge computing, small cells to get more attention after pandemic" :: Light Reading

"5G Won't Help Rural Americans Shelter in Place" :: Bloomberg

“We asked [the carriers] if [COVID-19] would affect their 5G rollout plans in any way ...And the answer was a resounding no.”  :: CNBC

"The two biggest winners in the Connect America Fund CAF II auction have joined the Microsoft Airband initiative, which aims to make high-speed broadband available to three million unserved people in the rural U.S. by mid-2022 – primarily through fixed wireless technology" :: Telecompetitor


"COVID-19 Will Fuel the Next Wave of Innovation" :: Entrepreneur

"Big Tech Could Emerge From Coronavirus Crisis Stronger Than Ever" :: New York Times

New bill would provide grants to enable local governments to  better utilize ".gov" domain :: Government Technology

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