April 1, 2020


"COVID-19 proves we need to continue upgrading America’s broadband infrastructure" (Blair Levin) :: Brookings

"The Broadband Lifeline in a Pandemic: Strategies for Provisioning Fast Internet Service to the Most Remote Rural Areas" :: CTC Technology & Energy

"Self-isolation has stressed networks, and no one knows if the FCC can step in" -- "[R]ecent deregulatory efforts have left the FCC with ambiguous authority over [broadband] networks, making it uncertain whether the commission will be able to intervene if federal action is needed." :: The Verge

"Our Networks Are More Vital Than Ever. The FCC Owes Us Updates." (Jonathan Sallet) :: Undark

NCTA introduces a "'COVID-19 Internet Dashboard' that delivers a high-level, illustrative view of how broadband networks from a cross-section of US cable operators are coping during the COVID-19 pandemic" :: Light Reading :: NCTA

"The question that matters is if Internet performance is getting worse for the average user, which is a question about the last mile network. I’ve been checking in on clients to understand the impact. So far, everybody with a fiber-to-the-home network says they are weathering the increased volumes. . . . Several clients who operate HFC or DSL networks have told me that their biggest problem is with upload speeds. People working from home as well as students are using a lot more upload bandwidth as they communicate with office and school servers. Gamers also need significant upload bandwidth. These technologies were not designed to handle significant amounts of uploaded bandwidth and customer performance is seriously degrading." :: POTs and PANs

"Rural internet's importance highlighted by coronavirus" :: AgWeek

"Rural broadband in the time of coronavirus" :: Journalist's Resource

"COVID-19 stimulus: More action needed to connect millions of households" :: National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Trump calls for additional $2T stimulus bill focusing on infrastructure, Pelosi calls for more "digital infrastructure" funding :: CNBC ::  Wall Street Journal 

"Trump speaks with AT&T, Comcast chiefs as he backs new infrastructure spending" :: MarketWatch

"Comcast waiving data caps hasn’t hurt its network—why not make it permanent?" :: Ars Technica


"What is Standalone 5G?" :: Telecompetitor

"5G chews up twice as much data as 4G" :: Light Reading

5G auctions delayed across Europe :: Light Reading


"FCC Proposes Updating 'Significantly Viewed' Local TV Station Rules" :: FCC


"FCC outlines $200 million COVID-19 telehealth plan" :: Engadget :: NextGov

Vint Cerf tests positive for COVID-19 :: Business Insider

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