April 9, 2020


"Community Broadband Networks Round up Half of ReConnect Round One Awards" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Voters in three more Colorado municipalities approve measure enabling provision of broadband or partnering with private sector to do so; brings total to 112 in state :: Colorado Politics

"The Power of Partnerships: Scott County, Minnesota" :: Broadband Communities Magazine

"Trust and Entrepreneurship Pave the Way Toward Digital Inclusion in Brownsville, Texas" :: Brookings

"INCOMPAS: Fiber Sees Big Bump in Traffic" :: Multichannel News

"Internet Speed Analysis: Rural, Top 200 Cities March 29th – April 4th -- Several major U.S. cities previously hit hard are showing signs of network recovery, but others are still experiencing significant disruptions" :: BroadbandNow

"Pandemic hasn’t crushed broadband networks—even rural areas are doing OK;  Pandemic-related broadband surge is hitting a plateau" :: Ars Technica :: Multichannel News

"How’s the Internet Doing? Depends Where You Look" :: Washington Post

"The broadband boom driven by the pandemic is likely to continue even after the virus dies down." :: Axios

"Far from breaking it, the surge in usage the internet is seeing right now is driving a major upgrade." :: MIT Technology Review

Verizon  and Cox canceling home internet installations during pandemic :: The Verge ::   Ars Technica :: USA Today

. . . "Cox Techs Will Stay Outside During Service Calls" :: Multichannel News

"Verizon refuses to give DSL users its low-income deals during pandemic" :: Ars Technica

"Will Starlink be in the RDOF Auction?" -- "Before [SpaceX] Starlink grabs billions of taxpayers dollars – money that each of us paid from the fees added to our telephone and cellular bills – the public deserves a full disclosure from Starlink on the realities of their technology, their business plan, and their financial health. Without that they shouldn’t be allowed within 400 miles of the RDOF auction." :: POTs and PANs

. . . "Like electric infrastructure, an investment in a fiber network will last for decades. By contrast, an investment in a SpaceX satellite will last perhaps five to seven years, after which Elon Musk will need more of our money." :: Conexon Blog

NTIA BroadbandUSA webinar:  "Rural Broadband: Three Service Providers Discuss Business Models and Solutions"; Weds. April 15, 2 p.m. ET :: NTIA

"New Rural Broadband Funding Bill Introduced in House" :: Multichannel News


"The carriers insist it's business as usual for their 5G plans." :: Axios

"COVID-19 could slow cable's advance into wireless" :: Light Reading


"Drones Used to Yell Social Distancing Rules by N.J. Police" :: Patriot-News

"Local Governments Work Out Kinks for Virtual Public Meetings" :: Government Technology

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