April 23, 2020


"Pandemic Builds Momentum for Broadband Infrastructure Upgrade" :: Wall Street Journal

. . . "Trump said broadband will be a priority in an upcoming fourth phase of coronavirus relief." :: Politico

"Cities Deploy Rapid Digital Inclusion Efforts Amid Crisis" :: Government Technology

City of Rochester, N.Y. reaches deal with local ISP Greenlight Networks to help address digital divide:  "[T]he [agreement] and underlying code provide flexibility to offset franchise fees with in-kind services, which the city hopes to leverage to ensure service extensions into low-income neighborhoods." :: Democrat & Chronicle

"Every household in Gonzales, California can get free Internet access, courtesy of the City of Gonzales," using T-Mobile hotspots :: Tellus Venture Associates

Massachusetts Broadband Institute working with local ISPs to offer new Wifi hotspots to unserved municipalities :: Massachusetts Broadband Institute

"Philly students without internet can do remote learning in parking lots, district says" :: BillyPenn

"A simple update to the Keep Americans Connected Pledge would cue the nation’s Internet providers to follow Comcast’s lead and waive prior debts. (While they’re at it, they should also waive restrictions excluding families who subscribed to service within the past 90 days.) ... [Commr.] Rosenworcel made the common-sense suggestion that libraries and schools should be able to use [E-Rate] funds to buy WiFi hotspots for students and families and get them online.  More than a month into this crisis, we have seen no movement from the administration on these relatively simple changes." :: Washington Post

"Rural areas struggle with remote learning as broadband remains elusive" :: Politico

"Gigabit Isn’t Just for City Folk — Rural Americans Demand High Broadband Speeds Too" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"Internet Speed Analysis: Rural, Top 200 Cities April 12th – 18th" :: BroadbandNow

. . . "some cities still seeing significant speed drops" :: Multichannel News

"FCC Approves Second Set of COVID-19 Telehealth Program Applications" :: FCC 

"Is the $20 Billion RDOF Budget Big Enough?" :: Telecompetitor

"Another FCC Disaster?" --  "Anybody thinking of filing an RDOF grant needs to pay a lot of attention to the challenges being made to the $16.4 billion RDOF grant footprint. The FCC invited ISPs to notify them if there are any Census blocks where the ISP has added broadband of at least 25/3 since June 30, 2019. ... These filings are so blatantly suspicious that the FCC has to pause, even if that means delaying the RDOF grants. Considering the hardships being experienced by everybody in these areas during the current COVID-19 crisis, the FCC cannot accept these crazy claims without challenging them. ...  If these claims prove to be false the FCC needs to fine these telcos into the stone age – such fines deserve to be in the billions." :: POTs and PANs

"Telecom's Latest Dumb Claim: The Internet Only Works During A Pandemic Because We Killed Net Neutrality" ::TechDirt


"AT&T acknowledges logistical challenges in 5G rollout amid COVID-19" :: FierceWireless


"AT&T’s massive TV losses continue as another 900,000 customers flee" :: Ars Technica


"National Request for Corporate Computers" -- "Nationwide effort to collect, refurbish, and distribute computers to students in need." :: GiveComputers

"The race to save the first draft of coronavirus history from internet oblivion" :: MIT Technology Review


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