May 6, 2020


"Electric cooperatives have given hope to the rural broadband market, and Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation (BRMEMC), in the broadband industry for more than 17 years, has earned the right to call itself a pioneer in that emerging space." :: Broadband Communities Magazine

"How Local Providers Built the Nation’s Best Internet Access in Rural North Dakota"  (ILSR report):: Institute for Local Self-Reliance :: VICE

"Early broadband build-out leaves some rural areas prepared for online work and school" (profiling Co-Mo Electric Cooperative) :: Rolla Daily News

"Funding Middle-Mile Fiber" (profiling Project Thor) :: POTs and PANs

"As the Senate returns this week, Commerce Chairman Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) says he’s ready to dive in on broadband discussions, an especially prime topic as Congress mulls its next phase of coronavirus relief." :: Politico

"Strong broadband matters more than ever -- Let's build it right" -- "[N]ow, symmetrical uploads and downloads (think: video conferencing) are much more prevalent. Last-mile networks still have a lot of asymmetric technologies and the upstream gives out first. This is where wireless networks and satellites flounder, but fiber shines, as it can easily handle asymmetric traffic. Meeting today’s connectivity demands requires investment in sustainable networks — and that means fiber broadband. :: The Hill

"Property Investors See Fiber-Optic Cables as ‘Railroads of the Future’" :: Wall Street Journal

"Pandemic Colors View of Broadband Deployment - One added color is the green of potential new investment in closing digital divide" :: Multichannel News

OpenVault report: “Nearly all the growth in broadband usage we would have expected for 2020 has now been achieved in the first quarter, with much of it concentrated in the last two weeks of the quarter ... The COVID-19 pandemic changed broadband usage patterns in substantial ways, perhaps permanently." :: Telecompetitor

"America’s Broadband Moment: Making Broadband Affordable" :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"Why Rural America’s Digital Divide Persists" :: New York Times

"Parking Lots Have Become a Digital Lifeline -- With cafes and libraries closed, Americans without internet access are sitting outside them to get free and fast connections." :: New York Times

"Comcast, Charter and Altice USA enjoy virus-fueled broadband bonanza" :: Broadband World News

"CenturyLink still hasn’t met 2019 FCC deadline, now faces pandemic roadblocks" (CenturyLink cites local government permitting delays, in part) :: Ars Technica

"FCC Receives Over 180 RDOF Eligible Area Challenges, Including Some Big Ones from WISPs" :: Telecompetitor


"Closing the Homework Gap During COVID-19: Rural Operators Turn to ‘MacGyver Boxes’ and Wi-Fi Broadband" :: Telecompetitor

"US providers remain mostly optimistic on 5G rollouts" :: Light Reading


"The pandemic is accelerating the onset of new trends in work — toward telecommuting, new office layouts and a different work-life balance. And we’re already seeing signs that these effects will outlast the crisis." :: Axios

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