May 8, 2020


"$1.5 Billion in CARES Act Funding Includes Broadband"; funding available from U.S. Dept of Commerce Economic Development Administration;  "Among those eligible for the funds are Indian Tribes, state, county and city governments, nonprofits working with those governments, and institutes of higher education." :: Multichannel News :: EDA CARES Act Recovery Assistance

. . . new bill would allow private entities and non-profits to partner with public entities for EDA funding :: Multichannel News

Universal Broadband Act would expand USF contribution base, to include broadband revenues; "The Universal Broadband Act will have opponents, who will refer to it as 'taxing the internet' and who argue that including broadband in the contribution base would cause broadband prices to rise.  If the idea of expanding the USF contribution base to include broadband is ever to succeed, however, now would seem to be the time." :: Telecompetitor

"House Democrats are pushing to include more than $1 billion in the next economic relief package" :: Bloomberg

Sen. Markey introduces legislation requiring FCC to update the National Broadband Plan :: Daily Dot

Michael Copps:  "America at the Crossroads" -- "It is time to stop the mind-numbing, fatuous debate of the past 25 years and finally get the broadband job done." :: Benton Foundation for Internet & Society

Grover Norquist slams federal broadband funding, municipal broadband :: USA Today

"Wilson [N.C] community broadband proves valuable during coronavirus outbreak" :: WRAL

"Insights for universal service policy from Pew’s COVID-19 internet survey" :: American Enterprise Institute

"Asymmetric broadband speeds cause strain during work from home efforts" :: FierceWireless

Senate Commerce Commitee hearing May 13:  "The State of Broadband Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic."  :: Multichannel News

FCC approves fifth set of telehealth program applications :: FCC 

"50 Baltimore orgs are joining together to close the digital divide" :: Technical.ly


"Comcast resists call to open home Wi-Fi hotspots, cites potential congestion -- 'Comcast's excuse simply does not add up,' three US senators say." :: Ars Technica

"Nokia, ExteNet build fixed wireless access CBRS network for Cal.net" :: FierceWireless

"5G vs. Wi-Fi: How they’re different, and why you’ll need both" :: Digital Trends


"Windstream Adding YouTube TV" :: POTs and PANs


FCC confirms agenda for May 13 open meeting :: FCC

"Coronavirus Has Complicated California’s Internet Privacy Law" :: San Francisco Chronicle

"Google ends plans for smart city in Toronto" :: BBC

"CenturyLink CEO Jeff Storey had his doubts initially about the company's employees working from home during the COVID-19 crisis, but now he's a believer. ... 'Frankly, I doubt we ever go back to the way things were before.'" :: FierceTelecom

. . . "Over half of US SMBs plan to maintain remote working for employees" :: TechRepublic

"To the degree that any institution is keeping American society knitted together during this crisis, it’s the internet." :: The Atlantic


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