August 13, 2020


"Ohio Law Would Bar Community Networks From Broadband Expansion Program":  "HB 13, a law moving through the Ohio state legislature, creates the state’s first-ever residential broadband expansion program ...  Unfortunately, it bars municipally owned networks and electric cooperatives from participating in the $20 million pot of funds aimed at extending Internet access to areas with significant connectivity challenges." :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"Charter tries to convince FCC that broadband customers want data caps" :: Ars Technica

. . . "Charter Communications Inc. has won support from an unlikely roster of organizations as it seeks permission to increase fees for customers that use a lot of data.  The Boys & Girls Club of Harlem, for example.  The New York youth organization is among scores of civic and local-business groups that have received charitable donations from the company, and have reciprocated by filing statements on Charter’s behalf with the [FCC]" :: Bloomberg

"Operators need to prepare for the game-streaming tsunami" :: Light Reading

"I am truly puzzled why ISPs with fiber networks have broadband products between 25 Mbps and 75 Mbps. That’s like buying a race car and driving it on the freeway at 25 miles per hour." :: POTs and PANs

"Profiles of Monopoly: Big Cable and Telecom" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

. . . "Broadband Monopoly Report: At Least 49.7 Million Americans Served by Only One Provider" :: Telecompetitor

OpenVault report:  "Upstream consumption is up 56% year-over-year through 2Q20....Even though total average usage declined from 402 GB to 380 GB in 2Q20, consumption is still well above pre-pandemic levels and up nearly 36% from the average of 280 GB at the end of 2Q19." :: OpenVault

. . . "COVID-19 is Driving Dramatic Upstream Internet Traffic Growth" :: Telecompetitor

"Telemedicine shines during pandemic but will glow fade?" :: AP

"In 2020, many Marylanders still lack high-speed internet. And that’s a problem for work and school." :: Baltimore Sun

"Broadband Scarcity Looms Over Virtual School Year" :: Law360

"Ohio drops 50% match requirement for school districts to access broadband funding" :: Columbus Dispatch

"Time to Stop Talking About Unserved and Underserved" - "It's time to kill the terms unserved and underserved, and it's time to stop defining connections of 10/1 Mbps or 25/3 Mbps as broadband. When urban residents can buy broadband with speeds of 100 Mbps or faster, a connection of 25/3 should not be referred to as broadband." :: CircleID

"Feds move to block California’s net neutrality law" :: The Verge

"The FCC has voted to cancel a proposed fine against AT&T for violating the FCC's E-rate rules, agreeing with AT&T that the statute of limitations had expired on the alleged offense of overcharging for service and 'clarifying' that ongoing negative effects from a violation don't make that violation an ongoing one." :: Multichannel News


"Cities lose lawsuit against FCC's 5G rules" :: Axios

. . . "Court Upholds Most of FCC's 5G Deployment Dereg" :: Multichannel News

. . . "Industry cheers FCC's legal victory in small cell battle" :: Light Reading

"Dish marks progress on 5G network build" :: FierceWireless

"CBRS auction tops $3.5 billion as bidders bargain hunt" :: FierceWireless


FCC, DOJ defend cable franchise fee decisions in Sixth Circuit filing :: Multichannel News :: Brief for Respondents

"Pay-TV losses hit 1.55M in Q2 as cord-cutting's 'second wave' looms" :: Light Reading

"A Fresh Look at Cord-Cutting" :: POTs and PANs


"Verizon:  The End of an Era" - "The problem Verizon has isn't the coronavirus, it is what lies ahead." :: Seeking Alpha

"4 in 5 CEOs expect more widespread remote working after pandemic" :: The Hill

"The Workforce Is About to Change Dramatically - Three predictions for what the future might look like" :: The Atlantic


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